Setting records part two.

Well...Here is part two as promised.
As I said I work in the oil patch and I end up traveling around a lot, I do ok with the girls and usually end up finding some trashy tramp to take home any time I go looking for one, I went to a small town and grabbed a hotel room, About an hour from where we were working but it was the closest place and I didn't have a camper to stay in at the campground like some of the other guys do.
This town is a little s*** hole, Probably 1500-2500 people in the whole place and nothing there but a hotel/Bar with slot machines and a store but that's really all I need, My first day off I went to the bar the night before and the place was packed being the only place in town to do anything. I surveyed the local "Talent" and there wasn't a whole lot of options but out of the three who were not there with a guy I picked out the best of the batch, We flirted and danced and I invited her up to my room, She of course accepted and we headed upstairs, She is a kind of taller girl, Mid 20's, With an odd build.
Skinny legs, Wide hips, Small waist and big jugs, Her b**** were a bit disappointing once I got her undressed and although they were bigger than I expected they were long and soft hangy b**** with big nipples, Her p**** is nice, Shaved bald and nice and trim, Dark pink and a little brown butt hole which she is totally against having touched which basically just made it a mission for me. Not a bad looking face, Dark curly shoulder length hair and glasses but not great in bed, She just kind of laid there and moaned with her t*** flopping all over and slapping my hand away every time I rubbed her butt hole until I pulled out and came on her chest.
Well...This is where it gets interesting, I left town a couple days later after not seeing her again and was gone for 7 weeks before returning, I grabbed a room again and headed to the bar, I was sitting there and it was kind of dead, I had half hoped to run into her again but she wasn't there, However there were two older broads sitting at another table and I started checking them out, I had set my sights on the brunette and sent a couple drinks over to the table, Shortly after they were sitting at my table, I fed them drinks all night and they were pretty trashed by the end of the night, The brunette who I had been working on said she was going home to her husband and the blonde who although being the second option was not too bad so i began working her.
Before leaving the brunette made an obvious motion toward me and the blonde just looked at her friend and rolled her eyes, I was flirting with her once it was just me and her and soon had my hand on her knee, She had pretty decent legs for an older woman, She had her hair and makeup done and had squeezed into a nice dress showing a bit of cleavage, I invited her upstairs and she laughed saying "Oh, I don't think so", She said she should walk home and I asked if I could walk her there, She said "Sure" and we were off. I flirted and touched her all the way to her mobile home which was only two blocks from the bar and when we got there she stopped, Turned to face me and I kissed her.
Me and her started making out and she fumbled with her keys trying to unlock the door as I groped and grabbed at her, We got inside and went straight to the bedroom, I got her undressed and she wasn't too bad, A little chubby, Round butt, Average sized b**** and she was quite freckly which I like. She sat on the bed and I pretty much just shoved my c*** in her mouth, She sucked me and then laid back and spread her legs, She was a bit hairy but whatever, I pounded her hard and had her legs folded up with her knees by her shoulders hammering her deep when she came then I let her put her legs down and f***** her hard until I came inside her.
I was laying there thinking about sneaking out when I heard the door open and close, My first thought was that her husband was home and I was about to have to fight my way out of the house buck naked but I decided that if that was the case then so be it, The lamp was still on in the room and I was laying back and was actually hard again so i figured if it was her husband I would let him see what his wife had just gotten pounded with, Not that it's huge or anything but I'm proud of it. The next couple minutes were rather nerve racking as I waited to get busted and as I seen a shadow approach the door my heart rate rose.
The next thing I know a girl steps into the doorway and stops, Believe it or not there in the doorway was the other girl I nailed 7 weeks earlier, She stopped and her eyes got wide then she squinted and looked at me and her eyes got wide again, Her jaw dropped open as she looked at us realizing that her mom who was passed out face down had just gotten pounded by the same guy she pounded 7 weeks ago, She got a disgusted look on her face and shrugged holding her hands up. I looked over at her mom and she had her right knee pulled up so you could see her p**** from behind, I reached over and slid my hand across her ass shoving two finger right in her.
Her mom just grunted a bit and laid there, The daughter shook her head and walked away from the door so I got up and followed her to the kitchen, She turned around and seen me there and said "No, No, No, Go...f******...whatever, Just...What the f***, Did you just?", I smiled and said "Oh yeah", She was wasted and swaying back and forth as she tried to contemplate what was going on, She closed her eyes and shook her head then looked at me and said "What the f*** dude?...My mom?", I said "What?, I had no idea she was your mom", she turned away from me and had her back to me, I walked up and put my hands on her hips and she reached down grabbing my wrists and pulling them away as she turned around and scowled at me, She said "Uhhh...Yeah...No".
she was saying no but as I stood there naked she wasn't leaving and kept glancing down and I kept approaching her but she kept playing hard to get, Eventually I had her backed up against the counter kissing her neck and telling her that I went there looking for her and she said "But since I wasn't there you decided to f*** my mom instead?", I shrugged and kissed her neck again, I got a hand up her shirt and soon she was trying to act angry but was doing it with my d*** in her hand, She played so hard to get that it probably took me a whole 30 minutes before I had her jerking me off and kissing me (That part was sarcasm).
She dragged me to the couch and I pounded the s*** out of her, I had her face down on the couch and got my thumb wet, I was pounding her and slid my thumb right in her bum, She was trying to get me to stop but I had her positioned so I could block her and she finally said "F*** sakes, Get out of my ass, I hate that", I leaned in and shoved both my c*** and my thumb deep in her and she groaned, I whispered in her ear "Really?, Because your mom loved it". She shoved me off her and pushed me back, I pushed her back on the couch and she started telling me not to mention her mom while I was f****** her so I started pounding her and telling her that her mom did everything better than her, I lifted her legs up and hammered deep in her and she gasped saying "Ow, F***, Not so deep", I said "Oh come on, Your mom had no problem", I pulled her nipples kind of hard and she said "Ow f***", I slapped her t** and said "Really?, Your mom can handle it way harder than that" and just kept doing stuff like that.
It was actually really hot as she hate f***** me, I pounded her hard and came inside her, She said "No, No, Don't come inside me", I said "Too late, Now both you and your mom have my loads in you on the same night", when we were done we sat there sweating and she called me names, After a few minutes I took her to her room and nailed her again then left.
The next morning I checked out of the hotel and moved to the next town down the road, It's an extra half hour drive but it's worth it, Again no one believes me that it happened but I really don't care.

May 17, 2019

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  • Plausible fantasy but you could have made the women pretty and sexy.

  • Looks like you wasted your time. Fortunately, you didn't waste mine-- I scrolled right past the textwall to come down here and let you know you suck. *kiss kiss*

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