Setting records part one.

20ish years ago I had an experience I would never have guessed I would be able to say was number 2 on my list of top encounters and last weekend I topped it, I'll start with that one and go from there, By the way I don't care if you think this is bull or not, It happened so eat your hearts out.
When I was 20 I was working up in northern Canada in the oil patch, Staying in a work camp with about 100 other dudes so needless to say there was not a whole lot of action to be had, You could sneak into town which was an hour and a half away to go to the bar when...Well...If you got a day off but even at that the best you could find was some native squaw that was not anything you wanted the guys to find out you banged but usually you did it anyway.
I ended up quitting my job up there and caught a greyhound bus home, In Edmonton I changed buses and as I found my seat around the middle of the bus I noticed two girls sitting at the back, One quite young and one older, I suspected a mother and daughter.
The bus set off around 2:00am and I sat staring out my window, Approximately half an hour into my trip the younger of the two girls came and sat in the seat next to me, She smiled and said "Can't sleep either?", We talked for a bit and exchanged pleasantries before she invited me to come sit with her and her mom so I knew I was right in my assumption. There usually aren't a whole lot of people on the red eye bus usually and this was no exception, Probably a dozen or so scattered throughout the bus, As I approached the row her mom was sitting in she swung her legs out into the isle and I could see she had on a skirt and had muscular looking legs, I took the window seat and her daughter sat in the middle seat. The back of the bus has a washroom and a triple seat next to it so all three of us were able to sit in one row, She introduced me to her mom and I noticed right away that her mom had fake b**** and both of them were very "Done up", Makeup and hair done, Nicely dressed we talked for a few minutes before I asked what they did and the mom looked at the daughter and they both giggled then the mom said "We're...Dancers", Being and oilfield worker I knew right away what she meant and my eyebrows perked up as I said "Uh...Both of you?", They giggled and mom said "Yes" and explained that she had been a dancer for close to 20 years and met her husband while dancing, Had her daughter and when she turned 18 she started dancing so it only made sense that they do a mother daughter duo and explained that they are in high demand because of it but her husband had to stay in Edmonton because their truck broke down and they had a booking in Calgary so decided to take the bus.
The two of them were basically exactly what you would think a "Dancer" would be like, Not super smart, Done to the nines with bleached blonde hair, Mom had big bolt ons and the daughter had smallish naturals and both were very fit looking, It didn't take very long before the flirtatious nature started to show through and they were both very aware of how the knowledge of them being a mother/daughter stripping duo would affect me, The daughter was flirting hard and the mom was all in for watching as her daughter kissed me and had her hands all over me.
We were trying to be reasonably discreet and quiet as the daughter unzipped my pants and shuffled them to my knees then reached inside my underwear grabbing my package, She looked at me and smiled nodding in approval of her new found toy and her mom leaned over looking on as her daughter pulled it out, The mom whispered "Nice" and they both giggled. The daughter was stroking me while her mom watched and I had my arm around the daughter so I slid my hand in her mom's top and grabbed a handful of her big, Solid b***, The mom whispered "Mmmm, dirty boy", The daughter looked back then at me and then bowed her head down and started sucking me.
At the time I had never been involved in anything too crazy, Had one girlfriend reach back j*** me off while laying in bed with a friend of hers who was sleeping with my girlfriend in between us was about the craziest so this was pretty wild for me, The mom was leaning down holding her daughters hair back watching as she sucked me, The mom started playing with my b**** and I got her one b*** out so I could play with her nipple. The daughter sat up, Looked around and whipped her skirt up shuffling her panties off, She straddled my lap and her mom grabbed my shaft holding it out as her daughter sat down on it.
I tried to get the mom to keep her hand there but she pulled it away and slid over next to me, She took my hand and shoved it up her skirt as the daughter slowly rode me, The mom was shaved bald and the daughter had just a thin racing stripe of pubes, The mom was leaning in whispering dirty stuff to me about banging her daughter, I had one hand up the moms skirt and one up the daughters shirt playing with her b****, In the middle of all this what surprised me the most was that the daughter only lasted about five minutes before she clenched up and ground her hips h****** my lap whispering "Oh yeah, S***" as she came.
The two of them looked at each other and giggled as the mom said "Already?" and the daughter shrugged saying "Oh yeah...S*** yeah", I slid to the middle seat as the daughter slid off me and sat in the window seat, She was still twitching and trying to catch her breath as I sat there still hard and the mom just looked at her daughter while stroking my shaft, The mom said "You close?", I shrugged and said "Sorry, Not yet", The daughter turned and watched as her mom stroked me and she started playing with my b****, The mom looked at the daughter and whispered "Don't tell your dad" and leaned in sucking me, The daughter kissed me and I played with her b**** for a few minutes until the mom sat up, Hiked up her skirt, Straddled my lap and reached back grabbing my shaft as she sat down on it.
The mom took her turn riding me while I played with her big b**** and her daughter lifted my shirt licking my nipples, The mom was tight, Firm, Fit body and tight, She knew exactly what she was doing and rode like a pro, She basically just moved her hips and her upper body stayed still, I reached around and rubbed her c*** while she rode me for about 10 minutes before I grabbed her hips and held her down tight on my c*** as I shoved it deep in her while still rubbing her c***, She gasped "F*** yeee..eee..sss", Shivered and shuddered as I blew my load in her and we came simultaneously, She sat on my lap grinding her hips for a minute then slid off onto the seat next to me.
She grabbed her purse and went into the bathroom while me and her daughter sat touching and groping each other, When her mom came back she sat down and said "That...Was...Something". We had only been on the bus for an hour and still had a long trip ahead of us, The mom kept talking about me going to Calgary with them but I had a car rented in red deer so I told them I couldn't, The mom was talking about how they could get off in red deer and I could drive them to Calgary which was a very appealing idea but the mom started talking about me and her daughter being together and how we could all travel around together, Me and the daughter with the mom and dad and the whole thing was a bit off putting to me, Just the idea of dating a stripper and banging her and her mom sounded like a nightmare waiting to happen and when we got to red deer I told them I didn't think it was a good idea, Grabbed my car and peeled out of there.
No one I have ever told the story to believes me and I don't blame them but I swear every word is true, Now I had spent most of my life since then thinking that was my wildest story that I would ever have to share but I feel I topped it just a month ago and I will share that in part two, Stay tuned.

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