That's why he is my best man.

My best friend since highschool and I have been best friends for years, I moved away 8 years ago for work and we still talk at least once a week so when I popped the question to my wife there was no doubt who my best man would be. We were sitting around, Just the two of us the night before my wedding after everyone else had went to bed and we were having a few. He admitted to me that he was thinking about dumping his GF but wasn't sure yet, He has always been into the more done up girls than me, I prefer a girl who doesn't need a lot of makeup or anything to look good but I will admit his GF is smoking hot.
We talked about it a bit and when she texted him to see where he was at 2:00 in the morning the night before the wedding he told her he was across the hall in my room and invited her over, She told him he should come back to their room and showed me the picture she sent him of her with the sheets pulled down showing a ton of cleavage and just a hint of her left nip, He looked at me and texted her back then laughed to himself, I said "What are you up to?", He just laughed and a minute later there was a knock at the door, He opened the door and invited her in, I don't really know her much except what he has told me but she came in and he sat her on his lap across from me, She is hot, No doubt about it, Blonde hair, Blue eyes and a big rack.
He whispered something to her and she just scowled at him, He kept whispering stuff in her ear and then started trying to pull her shirt up, She was resisting a bit but he was making progress with her shirt and just when her underside of her b**** were starting to show she said "Ok, Stop", She turned to face him and there was some whispering back and forth and then she turned to me again and cleared her throat, Smiled and said "Um..So..Do you want to see them" squishing her b**** together. I laughed and shrugged, She pulled her top up and her big b**** bounced out, I sat there staring for a second, My wife is hot but not built like her, She is a more short/petite built girl with small b****.
He whispered something in her ear and she stood up, Stepped up to me, Straddled my lap and sat down telling me I could touch them if I wanted, I looked at him and he just smiled and nodded his head so i grabbed them with both hands, I was shocked that they were real to be honest, After initially seeing them I thought for sure they were fake, I massaged them and looked at her saying "Are these real?", She laughed and said "Yup, That's what everyone asks". Needless to say we ended up tag teaming her and she is GREAT in bed, She let me pull out and swallowed my first load, Then she swallowed his, She laid face down and sucked me until I was hard again while he was nailing her then he moved and I got behind her, He spit on his fingers and spread her ass I looked at him and she looked back over her shoulder at me, I slid my d*** in her little pink ass and she just grunted and moaned "Ohh Geeeez, Go slow".
I dumped a load in her ass and he jerked one on her face which I don't think either made her real happy but afterward she went to the bathroom and he told me to go with her, She took me in the shower, Scrubbed me down and said "If you can get it up again you can f*** me in here", It took a bit but I got it back up and while I had her up against the shower wall he slid the curtain open and watched us.
They went to bed and I got married the next day, Two weeks later he dumped her, Oh well, she was fun while she lasted.

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  • My buddy and I have tried to tag team every girlfriend either of us have had before dumping them.
    So far we have tagged 4 of his and 3 of mine only 2 of his said no and only one of mine.

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