Why do I keep thinking about her.

I walked in on my wife's mom the other morning, Well...A month ago now but anyway, My wife had talked her mom into coming with us on a trip to Cuba but her dad refuses to get on an airplane so he stayed home, Her mom came and stayed with us the night before we were going to leave and had slept downstairs, Our kids were at the wife's sisters place, The had slept over and were going to ride with her to the airport, I got up and headed down the stairs to get a suitcase, I was not being quiet because we had already heard the shower running and knew her mom was awake.
I walked past the bedroom door and it was wide open, Her mom was sitting on the edge of the bed, Her housecoat was laid out behind her and she was sitting on it, Legs spread looking down, Touching her p****. I stopped and stared and it took her probably three seconds before she seen me, she screamed, Clamped her legs together and covered her b****. I backed away and she never said anything, I grabbed a suitcase and went upstairs and my wife looked at me saying "Everything ok?", I shook my head and she said "What happened?", I told her and she covered her mouth laughing and whispered "Oh my god...Was she???" I shrugged and she laughed.
I didn't see her mom for about half an hour and we were both pretty quiet and didn't bring it up.
Here's the problem...I keep thinking about her, She is 48, Slim and not bad looking, At 48 it was no surprise to see she has a bush but her p**** is small and nice looking, Very similar to my wife with blonde whispy pubes and small saggy b**** with biggish pink nips that were rock hard making them wrinkle up and looked quite intriguing.

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  • Too bad Penthouse Letters isn't in production now. Then you could post the the story that gets re-written once a week someplace else. MIL SIL or some combination of wife swapping and body part worship.

  • You must have some interest or you would't have stopped and looked. You know you would like to get down and sniff her c*** and give her a good f******. S*** man, go for it.

  • Bern there seen that

  • Let us know if you make any progress.

  • Progress with what?, I have no interest in having s** with my wife's mom ya stupid f***.

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