Tossing it off

I confess that I'm at work,and sat on the toilet as I cant be bothered to do anything.
Its a hot day,there's loads to do but as usual bad management skills has made it into a clusterfuck. I may be sailing later on but that's still up in the air,so I cant really start a job as without notice the other boat may be ready and has its orders and I'll have to sail.
I can't be arsed so I'm reading confession post.
P.s I love sniffing my sis in laws dirty knickers.

May 22, 2019

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  • You are a real value to your employer and mankind.

  • Thanks!!!

  • Intelligent people see that as the sarcasm it is. Just thought someone ought to tell you.

    Is this the part where you say something oh so witty about my mom?

  • Go on then...

    Your mom is so fat blah blah, I bet she stinks of fish down there etc,I bet you still breastfeed etc...
    Happy now?
    And yeah,I knew it was sarcasm,and you should of realised I was being sarcastic too.

  • Poor thing... here's a tampon and some Midol. *pats your precious head*

  • Who doesn't?!

  • Me u nasty piece of s***

  • What,tossed it off at work,or sniffed panties?

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