Why did we hire this guy?

Okay, so our management hired this Dave guy a few months ago, and they gave him a title that didn't exist in the organization, and nobody explained to anybody else what his job was so nobody can really tell whether or not he's doing it. He's a real doink and he acts like he's running things or some part of them, and I'd really like to give him a clown beating. Something is wrong here, and I have the feeling this guy is a spy, watching what all of US are doing, and I think this is going to end badly. Every day I see him I want to beat him, and one day, I just might.

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  • There's at least one of these guys in every business, usually there are more. Consider yourself lucky that you only have one Dave. Where I work, we have three of them and there are days where I want to go postal on their ass.

  • Right? But if you did, you'd be the bad guy. That's how screwed up society is.

  • He is doink and you are brock lesnar haha

  • Figure out who he's related to or who he's sleeping with, and what they stand to gain from him being there. It's very likely one or the other.

  • That's a really excellent point. Thanks.

  • It may be as something as simple as he has something on someone and giving him a job is the pay off. I had thoughts of catching this wealthy married business man I occasionally do jobs for playing behind his wife's back.

  • I've spoken to a co-worker about this idea, and we both think you're right, so we are going to work on this. Maybe there's a way we can find these things out. We appreciate you!!

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