Knickers and tights theif

I have not been able to stop myself from stealing women's knickers and tights. I have kind of been caught doing this by my ex step daughter but still do it. I really thought being caught would scare me and I would stop doing it or try my hardest not to, but no I'm worse than ever. I have stolen over 70 pairs of my aunties knickers as well as her tights and other items. I would try and take a guess and say that I have stolen more than 200 pairs of knickers and 100-150 pairs of tights. I can't see no end to my obsession!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • When you get caught you will be arrested and your face will be on the news. Your friends and family will see you and we will all laugh at you. Buy them idiot

  • I love the feel oftights and girls knickers. I wish they would make guys undies in girls materials.

    I don't get the stealing thing but anyway. I don't get the need for huge numbers. I get wanting to wear them 24/7

    Luckily my mum was very caring and relaxed and bought me tights and a leotard and even offered a skirt and a wig and to drive me to a far away town where I would not be recognised. So wish I'd had the guts.

  • They do make panties and bra's for men look it up.

  • Darling you will love it, take care though not to look like a drag-artist and wear nice girly clothes which are in fashion, including your shoes.
    You will feel nervous at first going out in public and it will arouse you, but the feeling of swishing along in a full skirt, silky and pleated are adorable, wearing tights and panties a padded bra (not to full as you mustn't draw attention to yourself to much) will probably make you *um in your panties.

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