Im a knickers and tights theif

I'm obsessed with women's knickers and tights and women wearing tights. I cannot stop stealing women's and teenage girls knickers and tights. I will take them wherever and whenever possible. I know it is wrong but as soon as I make eye contact with them I am determined to get them. I have no idea of how many i have but it is getting seriously out of control. I got to stop this somehow?

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  • You will stop when you get caught. Then your face will be on the news. And we will all have a good laugh.

  • You are lucky to be able to get them so easily. So much licking and sniffing. Sounds amazing. Just enjoy especially the teenage girls knickers. I buy second hand school girl dresses and skirts. When I put them on its instant head spin and mega hardon as I fantasize about the very young girl who wore the uniform. Sometimes they have a name on the tag. As I cu m all over there uniform I scream out there name.

  • Darling, you just love the sensual sensation it gives you when you pull them on. It's the slinky naughtiness of the act and also of seeing your erection trapped underneath. When your wearing them I'm sure you caress your manhood and shoot your load into them, you naughty sexy boy.

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