I love wearing knickers the feel of them is fantastic my favouratte is a pair of mini knickers lemon couloured with pink borders and pretty bow on the lovely to wear.I am a marked man and I love my wife.

Mar 18, 2016

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  • Thank you for all your comments,it is reassuring that other men feel like I do about wearing women's knickers (panties) depends on which side of the ocean you live.Again thank you for your coments.

  • I love wearing knickers,thongs and Gstrings and everyone of my lovely knickers,thongs and Gstrings are designed from the same material that women's knickers,thongs and Gstrings but they are designed to fit me and they are all made and designed for me personally by two lovely understanding ladies, yes ladies.
    The main thing is, my wife lovesounds me wearing my lovely soft knickers,thongs and Gstrings.
    So all I would like to say to all the men out there who like to wear feminine underwear, is, life is too short so enjoy why you can.

  • We guys who wear women's underwear often get branded as being gay that is not always the case I am a married man,I love wearing disrespect to gay guys I just love to wear knickers 24/7.

  • I male who loves to wear knickers too. I don't see the connection between underwear choice and sexuality as males who like wearing female underwear sometimes get the 'gay' tag for wearing them.

  • Ive been wearing panties since my early teens. The sensation of the material rubbing on my c888 is a turn on. Im in my seventies now and did turn out to be Bi. I also like other males in panties.

  • Your in the same boat as me.
    I am happily married and I love wearing knickers,Thongs and Gstrings.
    The main thing is midwife loves me wearing them too.
    Take no notice what others think.
    As long as you and your wiDr are happy,that's the main thing.
    So enjoy why you can.

  • I meant my wife.

  • I gave up smoking six months ago and the money I used to spend on cigaretes now buys me knickers as you can imagine I have dozens of pairs, and my health has improved tenfold so I can live longer enjoying my lovely knickers.

  • Good on you.
    I love wearing soft knickers,thongs and Gstrings.
    Life's to short so enjoy.

  • I agree their is nothing better than wearing pretty knickers.

  • You are 100% spot on.
    I love wear lovely soft knickers,thongs and Gstrings.

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