Guilty pleasure

I am a 16 year old guy and I have been very close to my younger cousin ever since we were little boys. He is now nearly 14 and I have always known he admires me and looks up to me. It has all recently changed because we had s**. We had been playing soccer and went back to his house and his mother was out at work. I asked him if I could take a shower, he said ok and we both went up the stairs, me into the bathroom and him into his room. I was in the shower when I noticed he was standing by the shower cubicle door, I asked if he was ok, he asked if he could come in and join me as he was cold, I agreed , but as he stepped inside I could see he had a h****** and I was aroused by it. I closed the door and squirted some liquid soap on him and started to soap him all over including his stiffy, he put his arms around me and then it was all kissing and feeling each other. Then he turned around holding his bottom open and then it was no going back. I really feel guilty but at the same time I enjoy what we are doing now.

May 26, 2019

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  • That is awesome. I had a thing with my 13 year old cousin ,I was 16. We had a few great years.

  • What you did is perfectly normal and you should do it with him as often as possible. You are simply experimenting to find out what you want in life and what your sexual tastes are. He spread for you, so he obviously wanted your d*** in his a**. You are helping him as well as yourself. there are so many fun games you can play. Don't stop now.

  • Exactly,I have no regrets because I fulfilled my earges, and I still do. As long as both parties agree.

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