I don’t know what to do

This isn’t so much of a confession but I’m hoping to get some insight.

So my current girlfriend of nearly 2 years is leaving for college in Arizona, we live in Michigan. Now how do we continue on? She seems to think that Skyping, calling, and texting will make everything ok but she’s going to be gone for 2-3 years. In my mind it’s over when she leaves. There’s so much going against us. Time, distance, new people (she’ll be meeting) etc. I already have 3 children and I’m 33 I don’t exactly have time to gamble on something that isn’t guaranteed. I don’t want to lose her but I feel it’s inevitable. I’ll be out of sight and out of mind eventually, even though her intentions and mindset are good/positive.
She is 27 and gorgeous despite the fact that she’s overweight. She could easily find someone else if this were to fall through. She says I’m giving up on us, I say I’m being realistic. I apologize for the rambling, it’s hard to gather my thoughts these days.

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  • Trust me, she’ll be going to parties where she’ll meet guys she won’t be able to resist. Sure it will all be one nighters but they’ll be many. Her friends will set her up with guys wanting to meet her. She’ll do some of the wildest things she’s never imagined. But, that’s when it usually all takes place anyways. If she’s ever had a thing for y’all guys, fit guys and even black guys she’ll have her fun where they’ll be nobody to tell her no. My girl had so much s** in College I pretty much gave up on. When she came back we had those discussions but it’s what the College lifestyle is mostly all about. That is unless she’s a real good girl

  • Also I discovered she just cheated on me a few days ago, so I’m not done with her for sure

  • I’m pretty much guessing she’ll get plowed like crazy so I’m not going to try

  • There are plenty of colleges in Michigan. Tell her to stay put and go to school in Michigan, or it's over. She's 27, not 18, and should be a little more receptive to putting your relationship first.

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