Panty wearing man

Before I even knew what s** was I liked the feel of soft panties , I would rub them just to feel the texture. I found a pair of yellow panties behind stage at a high school dance and could not resist sneaking them home. I couldn’t wait to be alone so I look at them close and feel the texture of the fabric. I was in bed with nothing on and began rubbing my fade and chest, soon I went down to my young 13 year old p****.
This was the first time I ever came.
I am know 66 and have never stopped with my panty fetish, I wear them everyday.
With the help of an understanding wife who actually buys them for my I don’t have hide my feelings
I guess I’m out if the closet, or panty drawer

Thanks for reading Gary

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  • The feel of soft panties rubbing my p**** is wonderful

  • I to love panties the sexier the panties the hotter they are going to make me. Yes I wear panties and have been over 15 years love how they hug my ass and my c*** with that soft fabric. My woman also buys some for me once and a while. I like it when she gets me panties because I know it's a pair she will enjoy.but I wear almost every day and I sleep in just panties and shirt if to hot just panties but yeah having someone to enjoy them with makes the world of difference. Working on getting a clone a d*** kit and she wants me to make a d**** the same as what I have and she wants to f*** my ass with my own c*** while I'm in panties. Try anything once I always said so wish me luck

  • Good luck. I had a girlfriend who let me wear her pantyhose. Such on turn on.

  • Yes. Having your partner give the OK takes it another level. My wife made me wear a pink teddy with a bra and matching panties for my birthday
    I looked kinda silly but loved it

  • Do you feel sexy or did they feel good on?

  • I felt super sexy and they really felt smooth and soft. The bra didn’t fit very well, guys just don’t have the right body for it. I do a number 2 cut on my body hair so I feel a little feminine.
    If you have not worn panties you should try it , go on line and do some shopping

  • Yes , sexy panties are great but not always comfortable to wear all day. I have bought every style and color from numerous manufacturers, buying on line makes easy. The sexy ones I save for wearing around the house or during s** play.
    The c*** kit sounds like a lot of work but if that is what it takes for your girl to be on board do it. We use d***** almost every time we make love ,I have one just for me. I got a strap for my wife to wear and is well worth getting. It allows her to play a role reversal. I can tell you however you do it you’ll absolutely love it.

  • Would love to get my girl a strap on. Only been pegged twice in my life and enjoyed it. I like playing with d*****.

  • D***** allowed me to please my wife’s p**** like I could not have. Bigger, last longer, and harder.
    Plus I get to lick her c*** and watch it stretch her. She tells me it hurts in a good way.

  • Love wearing panties, love sniffing and licking little kids panties to, my nieces are well used

  • I’m not into kids but do like smelling and kissing teen and older girls panties
    My wife brought home a pair she found at the gym and it absolutely drove me crazy ,and she knew it. The next time we had s** and things started getting hot she asked what I had done with them.l told her I put them in
    a plastic bag to keep the scent fresh. What are you waiting for she said, go get them so I can see you smell and kiss the gusset. I told her it was like having another women in bed with us. She watched me and to my surprise started to kiss me with the panties between our lips. We kissed so long that the panties became super wet.
    What a turn on for both us.

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