Cousins exposure

Why it embarrasses me I'm not sure because its my cousin Steven who my friends always talk about. I'm a girl, 16 and Steven is 13 now but still not only exposes himself to me but most of the girls I know from the neighborhood and school. He lives right down the street from my house and girls are always telling me how the seen him naked and many of them watched him masturbating. My aunt found out about it a few months ago but he has been doing it for a long time. He's been punished for it but it keeps on doing it every chance he gets. I holler at him all the time but he just laughs at me. Most of the time he does it after school while my aunt is still at work. He has not just opened windows but also goes out on the deck in his back yard naked. Guys know about it to and they always ask me questions about him and it embarrass me talking about him. Its so bad sometimes there are girls that go over to his house just to see him naked. A lot of times he masturbates knowing those girls are watching him and then they always tell me about it.

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  • IF one of those girls calls the police he will wish he had not exposed himself. He could go to juvenile and his parents could also get in trouble.

  • I'd tann his bare ass....

  • Something is not right with that boy

  • Love a video of him wanking, love younger boys wanking too

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