Tickle fetish

My husband has a tickle fetish. He love to tickle me on the belly and belly button until I can’t take any more. He now wants to share his tickling fetish with other people. This weekend he had a party with his friends, he had me wear a crop top that showed all of my belly to which I was not comfortable with at all. I don’t mind wearing crop tops for my husband but not for his friends. I’m very tall, and my belly is very chubby, I have a very big navel about 2-3 inches wide and deep which drives my husband madly insane. He had me serve his friends food and drinks. My husband came up to me and started playing with my belly, he started tickling my belly and I was pushing his hand away. He said, “don’t do that because I will be sorry in the end”. He started tickling my belly again. He then whispered in my ear that I was driving him insane. He said then said he was going to tickle the h*** out of me, i asked him not to. He said that he has too. He asked a few of his friends to come here and told them that I was in need to be tickled. I quickly objected and told them that he is playing and he is not being serious. He told them to grab me and lay me on the floor to tickle me. I tried to run off but I was not quick enough. Much to my dismay I was on the floor being tickled across my belly why I was thrashing around and begging for them to stop. My husband told them that I love to be tickled in that huge belly button, I begged for them to not tickle me there. One of his friends was swirling his fingers deep inside my belly button while laughing and saying his finger got stuck in my huge pit of a navel while the other guys tickled me all across my belly. My belly jiggled sonbiciously from the tickling. This went on for 10 minutes or so. I was so tired from trying to fight them off. At the end my husband was so turned on he said that he wants to do this regularly. Later on that night he tickled my belly and belly button again until I wanted to pass out from the torture.

Feb 5, 2018

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  • My husband has a belly tickle fetish too, my bellybutton is exposed to him all the times and i get a very intense belly tickle every day.

  • My hot older sister was always showing off her tasty midsection and smooth, deep, oval innie, in crop or tied tops, short and her bikini top, or half-bra and thong undies around the house or her apartment. I was always having at it, poking, swirling, tasting, and swirling my fingers around and driving her crazy.

    She visited me at college quite a bit, as she was also an alumni, and my apartment guys loved her Came up one extra humid Spring weekend, wearing sexy jeans shorts and my favorite high-cut, black crop top that landed just at her mid-ribs and showed off her tummy teasingly well. That navel of hers was on full display for the having.

    We didn't have a party, but two other guys and myself took her out to some local college bars, then back to the apartment.

    The beer and, for her, two shots continue, and I had her in the kitchen. She made the mistake of reaching up to fix a crappy drape we had, and I went at her way-exposed navel like crazy. Had her laughing hysterically when both guys came in to see what she and I were up to. That's when it got fun for the 3 of us, with her.

    They saw what I was d***, andI gave them the head-nod of "yes", and held her arms above her head. Both guys, at the same time, went at her tummy and navel eve harder than I was, poking, jabbing, expanding, tickling, and just having at it as she wailed..I mean, wailed loud and shrieking, in laughter and begging me to stop. We wet it down with the sink hose, tasted and bit it and her tummy, and got as many fingers in for deep, pushing pokes that we lost count. By the time we did hold up, her navel was as red as her long nails, she was out of breath exhausted, and I had to let her rest on my bed. Funny thing was, before she left the next morning, in the privacy of my bedroom, she told me "I'd never let those guys know, but...That was SO fun what all 3 of you did to me last night..I've never felt that way or laughed that much in my life! Guess my tummy really does do it for you, huh?".

  • Can you show a video about you doing this?

  • I came

  • That’s a great and intense story. Thanks for sharing.

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