MFC Cam Girls

I have been watching and have a list of 10 girls that I like to follow. Alot of the models will "temporarily mute guests" which means the guests can't post a chat, but I have learned how to get around that. It doesn't mean that the model will chat back, but you are able to post what you want. The other people in the room can't read your post. I make up things like having a*** s** with my older sister and watching the models reaction. There are at least three (3) words you can use in your post that will get past the mute command. They are dog, cow, and pig. I usually write my post and then end with, "I'm Under Dog from Montréal. It is such fun!! I've been banned by the models a couple of times because of my outrageous post, but its hilarious to see their reaction. Try it and let me know if it worked for you. My top model is Sportcandy, a Mila Kunis lookalike and then Kinkymarisol who takes a mechanized c*** in her p**** everttime there is a tip. Enjoy!!

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