Well folks the Jehovah Witnesses say the worlds going to end in 2

Jehovah's Witnesses are now saying the world is going to end in 2033. The last time they said it was going to happen was 1986 so when that didn't happen they upped it to the point to where we have a little time to prepare. The fact that the world will still be here doesn't matter because they have time to explain why we will still be here.

The word was supposed to end in 1975 but like 1986 it obviously did not.

Bottom line is don't believe in anything this backward dangerous cult says. They contribute nothing to any society they are part of and in fact, society would be better off if these unpatriotic people didn't exist.

They are human after a fashion I guess so don't hurt them just don't be suckered into joining them. They are worthless drags on any society they are part of.

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  • I thought I had found a normal confession until I looked at the LINGERING COMMENT

  • I want to rape a female Jehovah

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