Well folks the Jehovah Witnesses say the worlds going to end in 2

Jehovah's Witnesses are now saying the world is going to end in 2033. The last time they said it was going to happen was 1986 so when that didn't happen they upped it to the point to where we have a little time to prepare. The fact that the world will still be here doesn't matter because they have time to explain why we will still be here.

The word was supposed to end in 1975 but like 1986 it obviously did not.

Bottom line is don't believe in anything this backward dangerous cult says. They contribute nothing to any society they are part of and in fact, society would be better off if these unpatriotic people didn't exist.

They are human after a fashion I guess so don't hurt them just don't be suckered into joining them. They are worthless drags on any society they are part of.

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  • Deathclock.com says I check out in 2029, so looks like I'll miss Armageddon.

  • Hahaha. Just gotta make it past this era of pandemics, then you're scott-free up in heaven where you never have to take a s***.

  • Get out of that false witness whatever you wanna call it cult , Jehovah witness is nothing but Garbage Mumbo Jumbo .

    the Overseers speak as if they know everything and everyone and the people think they are much better than us Third Class folks , nope if there’s a heaven and if there’s nothing but Jehovah's Witness people there , than H*** or the lake of fire is the place for me because I want no place in that Paradise .

    Jesus never wore a suit and tie , which is what most JW people wear
    he wore Sackcloth during his Ministry ( which is third class clothing )

    Nope get out of that F-ing cult and never look back nothing but a bunch of hypocrites towards third class people and I want nothing to do with them .

  • I don't have time for *any* religion or group that hollers about End Times, then makes up a new date when the most recent one quietly comes and goes. That said, are you the OCD patient with the JW fixation, or are you a copycat?

  • In 1986 to 1990 dad & I rented a 2-bedroom apartment on the east side of the city we lived on and dad would go to a christian church on Saturdays, well the doorbell rung and I had answered the door and a black woman said Jahova witness and I had replied saying "not interested" being naked under my bathrobe, she made way in and committed illegal entry and trespassing, into our apt, so she sat down on the sofa like davenport on the south wall as I sat down on the davenport facing and I had crossed my left leg over my right leg making sure that she could see my d i ck as she stared she witness it getting it up, oh btw i am white, I knew she had enjoyed this moment of being initmate with her- this it a true moment in my life

  • I thought I had found a normal confession until I looked at the LINGERING COMMENT

  • What lingering comment?

  • I want to rape a female Jehovah

  • I raped two yesterday. They didn't know what to do when I whipped my c*** out. They just sat in my living room with their mouths open. I said hey great way to start and I shoved my c*** into the first ones mouth. The second one just continued to sit with her mouth open. And when she finally decided to make a b line for the door I stuck my foot out and tripped that stupid b****. So I grabbed her by her buster browns and pulled her close to me and I unsapped her pants and pulled them and her sexy little lacey panties around her ankles. The other one must have been so traumatized by my c*** in her mouth she just continued to sit in the living room chair while I raped the f*** out of her friend. Ye Haw! After her I went back to the sits in chair without sound and I disrobed her and f***** the s*** out of her. After I was done I kicked them both out and told them come back anytime as I had plenty of more time to devote to a full discussion on the pleasures of raping women like themselves. I must say I enjoyed f****** them and do hope they come back. Only thing is I was robbing the house I was in and don't live their so I have no way of getting in touch with them. Just as well I imagine they probably would have just brought back the police.

  • 😂
    Please do this again, but to a devout Muslim pair of women!
    Then let us know how you get on!!

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