Son's friend is sexually aggressive

My son recently made a new friend and this boy is coming over to our house regularly. He's quite tall but still a boy. His behaviour towards me has been sexually suggestive and sometimes he has 'accidentally' groped and rubbed up against me. He regularly pays me compliments like saying I'm beautiful or I look really great and a couple of times has greeted me with a hug and pressed me chest against his or even let his hands stray down to my buttocks.

I've tried to be firm but patient, but outwardly I am frustrated, and inwardly I am a bit turned on. A few days ago I masturbated to the thought of him f****** me, and had an intense o*****. I have been guilty of playing away a couple of times, and he is over the age of consent where we live. But I am torn over the possible consequences, and I do want to be safe.

All the same, I have been masturbating to him for a few days running. I know from the recent trips to our swimming pool that he has a decent bulge and I am teasing him just a bit by pulling my summer dresses down when he's near. He has also become more aggressive and is trying to spend time with me. Yesterday he cupped my b****** twice. I don't know where it will lead, but I'm hoping it will be good.

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  • Make that boy a man and love his C**

  • I have this young man aged 23, helps me on weekends in my household chores as I live alone. I can guess he has what is called mature-women-fixation and I to young hard c***. It all started when I hugged him good bye with kiss on the cheek on his Christmas holidays. Unexpectedly, he planted a lingering kiss on my lips drawing me closer. My legs almost melted. I invited him to a private dinner in my home on the Christmas eve. We had some drinks and both loosened ourselves. We had full s** all night long. For nearly 5 yrs on, it has become now routine to spend together on weekends and have all sort of s** imaginable!! I am having now then most satisfying s** in the privacy of my home.

  • There is always this temptation.However,he may bring in others and turn you into a s*** of the town or an internet w****.He might humiliate your son in front of others.Just tell him to get his mom for your son or back off.The former is the best insurance.

  • This same thing happened to me a few years ago. My son's friend came over to see my son, but he had gone fishing with his dad. So he stayed and asked for a soda. I got him one and when I handed it to him he told me I was beautiful. I laughed it off telling him thank you, but then he got a little bolder and told me he had always thought I was hot and that he masterbates while thinking about me. I was imbaresed and told him it was time for him to leave. The next day he came by to apologize but then went on to tell me he had a big d*** if I cared to see. I must admit that I was curious so I let him continue flirting with me. It didn't take long before he had his d*** out showing it to me. He was right, he had a big one. He asked if I wanted to touch him, I however said no. Then I changed my mind and grabbed ahold of him stroking him until he c** all over my leg and floor. I probably would of had s** with him, but the fact that he didn't last more than 2 minutes turned me off. I told him to go home and never speak to me that way again.

  • My wife had this with with my step-son's friend, one time she sucked him off and one time she f***** him, with my encouragement as we have quite an open marriage. She told me he had a bigger d*** than I did, apparently he came within 10 seconds. So did I when she told me about him.

  • Sit next to him when he comes over and greet him with a hug (press your chest against his face/him) and give him a light kiss. Wear see through clothing and when you sit next to him, spread your legs onto him

  • Omg, when I was a teenager my buddies mom had on a see through shirt with no bra. She didn't realize it was see through. I was waiting for my buddy to get home from basketball practice and I'm sitting looking and trying not to get caught. But man I could see her t*** clear as day from across the room. Once I got up close to her you couldn't see through it as well. Finally she stops and gives me one of those looks and tells me her eyes are up here. I apologized but still got caught a few more times. So she's walking through the living room and catches herself in one of the mirrors across the room. She screamed and said good lord this shirt is see through. Then went to the bedroom. She came back with a different shirt and then gave me the eye again. I didn't even lie, I told her she had very nice t*** and that I was enjoying the show. That's when she smacked me and said she was telling my mother. I told my mom it wasn't my fault she wore a see through shirt, but she said I shouldn't have looked and told her. It's like mother's don't even know their sons are boys. I like b**** and girls, would you rather told you I was gay? NO, so be happy that I'm checking out my buddies mom's t***. My buddy on the other hand said.. dude, that's my mom... then he laughed about it and said I had the hots for older women. Who knows, maybe someday I'll get to f*** her.

  • I got involved with my friends Mum when I was 16, I hadn't even thought about the possibility of s** with her as I had known her basically all of my life. My parents are close with the family. She made all of the advances, the first time I had intercourse was with a married woman more than twice my age.

    Your already fantasising about having s** with him, So I think you should do it.

    I don't think it did me any harm, far from it, she was probably far more experienced than any girl my own age, so to me I always look back on it with great memories. We had s** regularly for around four months during the summer. Then they moved away so that was that ! :)

  • Let us know what happens I want to hear everything!

  • Go for it. Young p**** is the best.

    I'm involved with my son friend. He 18, I just turned 40 yesterday. His c*** is BIG 10 inches. My p**** is soar after s** with him.

    It crazy but we bareback, I'm not on the pill.

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