Girl friend's male 'best friend' dominated and humiliated me

So my girl has this best friend, he's a slim and tall guy, handsome and muscular. He's a tree surgeon so you can imagine his body. He has been around too often and they go out together every week. I got jealous and ended up arguing with her and she got tearful, left the room. I was still angry but I let it go. A few days later she was away working for three days. I was watching tv alone when the doorbell rang. It was him, but he seemed different to his normal self. He looked angry and I felt a bit intimidated. He pushed his way in and closed the door behind him. Before I could speak, his hand was between my legs and his fingers found the outline of my b**** and closed firmly around them. He squeezed and said 'kneel'. I went straight down. He told me he knew about the argument. He told me they'd been f****** regularly and he knew she'd made me go down on her afterwards, so I had been eating his c** without knowing it. Then he unzipped and I learned very quickly how it feels to have someone in your mouth. I wasn't prepared for how it felt when he finally shot his load and made me swallow. It f***** me up for a long time after. When he was satisfied, he let me get up and we ended up having a good night watching YouTube stuff. He is still around regularly and she is happy to see me submit to him.

Mar 11, 2021

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  • Just shoot him, problem solved.

  • Wow,very hot. Kind of happened to me but in a differant way. My chubby stacked wife was flirting with a cute guy doing carpenter work for us. We argued about it then one day after the work was finished he confronted me,threatened to beat me up. I became frightened,fainted and woke up in bed nude. He made me suck his c*** and swallow his c**.
    Now I submit to him and she enjoys watching

  • This is rape, call the police

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