Pumping a dead body at a morgue

I am a 6 foot 7 inch 325 lb man with a huge d***. I need a lot to get me satisyfied but I don't get much action. I normally j******* everyday but I haven't done it in a month. luckily I was visiting my friend at the morgue one day and a 10 year old dead white boy was there, waiting for me I guess. he was nice...very girly body. I am not gay but I liked him. my freind told me to wait here while he left for some time. long story short, I found myself alone with the body. my d*** was throbbing. I needed it. out of curiosity I smelled him and he smelled like dead roses. it turned me on more. I flipped him over and came on top, pumping him in the behind. as a guy, I don't moan or yell during s**, but now not only I was moaning loud, I was screaming, like a port star woman. I was pumping fast, I had the stamina. it felt that gooood. I usually c** once and done, but I must have came countless times...for 3 hours straight until my friend came back. My d*** was still throbbing and I could've gone longer. I told my friend that I wanted to stay, and that she could lock up and go. She kinda knew what was up and told me to just be careful. as soon as she left I immediately went at it again, pumping and pumping and pumping and screaming and moaning. All night it sounded like, "squish/UHGGG! squish/UHGGG"! times 10,000. the squish was my HUGE d*** pumping into his little ass and tearing him up, implaling him 1000s of times over. I did it until morning, before the new shift arrived. I still could have done more, my d*** was still throbbing



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  • It's a good thing you're big, because you don't stand a chance of being taken seriously in life with that lack of cognitive and writing ability.

  • You're A Disgusting Idiot.
    I Hope Every Camera In
    The Room Was Aimed At You.

  • No way I am f****** one 10 that is dead when I can do a live one, they f*** real good as preteens

  • You sir are a sick f*** up

  • Nothing wrong with that. I am Gay and get it by straight men often. It doesn't mean they are Gay. I love it rough and they oblige. I would gladly be your cumin dumpster

  • Here we have the mentality of n******

  • No, here we have some j****** kid who thinks it's funny to write stupid disgusting bullshit.

  • I wonder why they still call this place "Confession Post" when it's clearly much more "Bullshit Stories R Us"

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