I'm a 54 year old gran to a 15 year old,my grandson is lovely he's always coming round to make sure im ok and even when im not home he lets himself in,I do tease him just a little fun i pull his face in to my b****** when we hug to make him blush,I don't usually get home till 3 but took time of and went home and could hear my vacuum on upstairs and went to look and found him with the vacuum hose on his d*** i switched it off and he jumped a mile seeing me he tried to get dressed but i told him he wasn't going anywhere until he finished what he started and blocked the door he looked scared trying his best to get it hard and couldn't so i walked up to him and took over i pulled his foreskin all the way back and with my other hand i wanked him off his d*** playing peak a boo in my hand and blasted 6 powerful shots of his hot s**** on to my black blouse,he was gasping for air leaning back on my dressing table with his young c*** still pointing up i leaned forward and took the tip in my mouth tasting his c** it took a few minutes for it to go back down and i asked him if he was ok while i took my c** stained blouse off and his d*** shot right back up again the h**** little lad wanted more and got him to lay on the bed and i gave him a good seeing to the headboard banging against the wall i did fake it but the moaning worked he pumped more c** in to me,he looked so drained he ended up sleeping for hours and heard him coming down to leave i wanted to make sure he was ok with what happened and he said he would love to do it again if i wanted to and i sat on the stairs hiked up my dress and gave him the go ahead im grabbing his ass digging my nails in hard and telling him that's it keep going and off he went pumping another load in to me he zipped up and off he went,I have to wait till monday to see if he comes back round.

Nov 21, 2020

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  • I'm a seventy-thee year old widow. My fifteen year old grandson fu cks me at least twice a week. I love the feeling of his hard co ck pumping up and down in my aching pu ssy. I cu m off almost every time he spunks up me His s**** is so warm and thick. He's a much better fu ck than my husband ever was.

  • Past menopausal women spending without any s** could be h**** and willing to have a young c***. If you get any signal with sexual/erotic overtone, don't ignore it, get along with it. You will enjoy s** with him with absolute abandonment as there is no risk of getting pregnant. I am sure you will get what you are looking for!

  • I am 58 yo now living alone, but some time my 18 yo grandson spend weekends at my pace. I still have ample b**** with little dag and stretch marks. All the while he watches my jiggling books. Often I caught his eyes and tease him a lot. This all started when in one stormy night he got scared and tapped the door of my bedroom. I asked him to come in and share my bed. Next morning I woke up and saw him entwined with my body with his face buried in my b****, one leg om my thigh - I could feel his hard-on. The following night I invited him to my bed and had the f*** I longing for nearly 8 years!! We are still in it now ....

  • Wow! Lucky young man.

    I’m 19 and been f****** our 59 year old neighbor for the last couple of years. She caught me f****** her daughter and told me if I didn’t do her she was going to tell her husband.

    I’ve been in heaven ever since

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