My schoolfriends mum

When I was 14 years old I used to cycle part way to school then leave my bike at a friends house and we both used to catch the bus. After school I would collect my bike and cycle home.
Well this particular day in early summer I had cycled up to the top of the hill about a mile from his house and met my friends mum stopped at the top with her bike. She suggested we both walk back to my home across the golf course as she felt like having some exercise and would enjoy the company.
Well she looked different and although she was middle aged she was all dressed up and had a dress on which left nothing to the imagination and in fact I tried to suppress some h**** feeling for her. We were walking along the outer edge of the golf course in the wooded area when she appeared to trip and fell onto the grass and as she landed her skirt rose up revealing her petticoat stockings and knickers, she looked really sexy and made no effort to hide it as I gazed in amazement.
She said she thought she had twisted her ankle and could I massage it and I knelt down feeling her ankle she reached over took my hand and guided my hand up her leg and onto her knickers then she kissed me a long wet kiss whilst at the same time pulling my fingers into her knickers.
She pulled me down onto her undoing my shorts and pulling my pants down took hold of my p**** stroking it then she guided it past her knickers and into her v***** I e********* almost immediately but she was so sexy that we kept going and I felt so aroused pumping into her again and again as she kissed me and held me pushing up against me as she screamed she wanted more.
Then she laid me on my back took my p**** into her mouth and gave me a really great sucking.
We met up again several times that summer and made love on the golf course in that grassy clearing and I have never forgotten it!!

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  • I'm with the commeter below. She was wearing a dress and riding a bicycle? Women don't do that.

  • So you both had bikes, but you were both going to walk back to your house because she wanted exercise eventhough she was wearing a dress.

    Okay, I'm calling bullshit because obviously you did not think this madup story through well enough.

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