I am a girl and I beat up older my brother

As we were children, my brother would be stronger than me and could overpower me and often bullied me. But now I practice karate since I was 6, and I am a brown belt. What's more, I go to the gym regularly and I always do some kind of sport. Now I am stronger and he knows it. The other day he was in his room with his girlfriend, and I could hear them. So I decided that was the right moment to humiliate him. As he came out I provoked him, we started to argue and fight in front of his gf, but I was prepared, and I managed to beat him. He apologised right there and then, I even took his jacket and his gf was even giggling. Worth it!

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  • When I was probably 8 yrs old, I watched my sister lay-out my brother. I will never forget that she-it.
    Sister 15, brother 13. They never got along.
    Arguing... escalated, sister grabbed brother by shoulders, kneed his b****, when brother bent over grabbed his b****, sister grabbed him by the back of the head and kneed him in the face. Layed him out on his back. Happened so fast! Boom and Boom
    Cold !!!
    I was in shock, never saw that she-it before and never seen it again, didn't know wether to laugh or cry. True story, cool sister.

  • Try holding his c*** tight. You will enjoy it as he gets a hard-on!!

  • My girlfriend beats me up sometimes. She slaps me during s**, sometimes punches me too, once I punched her back and she went crazy after that. She beat me up good and left me naked holding my throbbing b**** for a good hour after. She slaps me in front of her friends if I don't do as I'm told. One time she slapped me in a shop because I said no when she told me to pay for her shopping. I loved the humiliation.

  • You wish weak little girl

  • You don't need to know karate, thought it helps. Just kick him in the nuts. That's what my sisters did to me.

  • Dont worry he will come back to destroy your pussa

  • Girl power! From a girl I can tell you: well done!

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