I am a girl and I beat up older my brother

As we were children, my brother would be stronger than me and could overpower me and often bullied me. But now I practice karate since I was 6, and I am a brown belt. What's more, I go to the gym regularly and I always do some kind of sport. Now I am stronger and he knows it. The other day he was in his room with his girlfriend, and I could hear them. So I decided that was the right moment to humiliate him. As he came out I provoked him, we started to argue and fight in front of his gf, but I was prepared, and I managed to beat him. He apologised right there and then, I even took his jacket and his gf was even giggling. Worth it!

Oct 2, 2019

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  • I am a black belt wife and I have the full control over my husband. One day he tried to argue with me, but some fast kicks near his face and his jewels tamed him again. I have no doubt, a black belt woman can be much stronger than an average man!

  • Delusional. I'm not even that fit and I'm 19 and I'd bet my whole family's lineage I could beat you in a fight. Such is the patriarchy you see, mlady

  • I believe you have no idea... you are just driven by your testosterone

  • Have you ever had a foght against a female black belt?

  • I once had a similar experience. My brother, one year my senior, was being very arrogant with me. I got a hold of his crotch, through his jeans, and apparently I had gotten the right part because he started to knee in front of me. From that day on he behaved when he was with me!

  • When I was probably 8 yrs old, I watched my sister lay-out my brother. I will never forget that she-it.
    Sister 15, brother 13. They never got along.
    Arguing... escalated, sister grabbed brother by shoulders, kneed his b****, when brother bent over grabbed his b****, sister grabbed him by the back of the head and kneed him in the face. Layed him out on his back. Happened so fast! Boom and Boom
    Cold !!!
    I was in shock, never saw that she-it before and never seen it again, didn't know wether to laugh or cry. True story, cool sister.

  • She-it?

  • Try holding his c*** tight. You will enjoy it as he gets a hard-on!!

  • Sick haha

  • It's frightening to think such an idiot walks among us

  • My girlfriend beats me up sometimes. She slaps me during s**, sometimes punches me too, once I punched her back and she went crazy after that. She beat me up good and left me naked holding my throbbing b**** for a good hour after. She slaps me in front of her friends if I don't do as I'm told. One time she slapped me in a shop because I said no when she told me to pay for her shopping. I loved the humiliation.

  • You wish weak little girl

  • You don't need to know karate, thought it helps. Just kick him in the nuts. That's what my sisters did to me.

  • Dont worry he will come back to destroy your pussa

  • Girl power! From a girl I can tell you: well done!

  • >girl power
    One doesn't need to look very far for statistics corroborating the everyday obvious fact that on average the weakest man is stronger than the strongest woman. Our bodies are built very differently and there is no such thing as "girl power." why can't you just be a normal girl? Why do you try to be something you are not? When I was a child (and still to a lesser degree today) looked at girls as some strange specimen which was so modest, smart and kind that if angels existed, this was surely their form. These sort of women were the ones that appreciated the role of men and women and would work with men to secure a pleasant community and society. Families and relationships with friends and community were your goals back then- and that is what made you you. But now all I see are vile blue-haired vermin trying to best men and be something they aren't. Following down this path will only ever result in a miserable unsatisfying existence-as recent charts have shown, women's happiness levels have decreased since the times of housewives. This is a very sad future and I wish I had been born at the time of my parents to I could enjoy the presence and love of women I saw and admired growing up. I hope you see where I'm coming from

  • This is a bit easy to say, when you are a male. The truth is that male dominance sometimes works, but sometimes the woman has to suffer because of that. A black belt or so just helps letting the men understand, that they are not free to do what they want. There are good and respoonsible men, true, but there are also men just dirven by their hormones, who think (or don't think) women are just like objects.

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