My little sister (13) beat me (14m) up in front of my gf

My sister and I have always argued and fought, but about since 1 year she has proven to be somehow stronger amd even slightly taller, and so she does what she wants. Last week she hit the bottom though. My parents weren't home and my gf was at my place, and we wanted get out. So I wanted to put on that cool levi's jacket I had gotten as a present, but my sister was going out too, and she was wearing it! I didn't want to step back in front of my girlfriend, so I told her to give it to me, or else...! So we had a small fight, but she won and I had to apologize to her. She then kept the jacket on and left, all this while my gf was watching. I am ashamed! I got beat up by my litte sister in front of my girlfriend!

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  • Really embarassing! What happened then? Did you get you jacket back?

  • Haha what did you do with your girlfriend before that?

  • Did it happen just after your girlfriend and you...? You know...

  • What did your girlfriend say?

  • Woow, dude! That seems humiliating! How did your girlfriend react?

  • That sounds really hot..

  • Op be smart get some dirt on her and use it to make her do anything you want.

  • Here’s what you should to, put atterol in her drink and then beat the s*** outta her. When she wakes up, simply tell her ”dont do it again or harder drugs will be involved”

  • Go get some help dont listen to idiots below

  • Fuckk her

  • You need revenge!

  • Yeah, it's more than true! But how? Should I face her once again?

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