The bosses daughter.

Thank goodness my wife was there when my boss told me I was to take his daughter on a business trip with me, My boss came to me and my wife had happened to stop in that morning to visit me at work, He asked if we could speak and my wife said she would leave but he said "No stay this will only take a second". He explained that I was to go to ***** to meet a client and he wanted me to take his daughter who has been around for a couple years, She was to attend my meeting and then he said he wanted her to carry on to ***** the next morning and meet with another client on her own but wanted her to sit in on my meeting first to see how it's done.
He told me I should leave right away to prepare and she would be arriving that evening so I headed home, packed up my bag, Headed to the airport and flew out, That evening I was sitting in my room and there was a knock at the door, I opened it and there was my bosses daughter.
I took her downstairs for supper and a few drinks then back to my room to show her a few things, When we were finished I waked her to the door and she stopped, Turned to face me, Looked down at the floor then up at me and just out of the blue kissed me. I was caught off guard and after a quick kiss I pushed her back gently and said 'Whoa...Um I don't think so". I am 43 and she is only 26, A very nice looking girl, Brunette, Kind of tall, Probably 5'8" or so and quite large breasted, Built very similar to her mother. She tried to kiss me again but I leaned back, She stepped back into the room and closed the door, I told her "Oh...I think we should stop right here" but she grabbed my junk through my pants and said "Ahhh come on, It's just for fun, I am not asking you to leave your wife or anything", I said "No, I don't think so" and she said "don't think I didn't catch you looking" as she pushed her b**** up looking down at her cleavage, I said "Yeah...Well...Looking is one thing...This is something else".
She leaned back against the wall squinting her eyes at me then shrugged and turned to the door but she quickly undid her shirt with her back to me and spun back around, I looked down at her freckly cleavage and the freckles across the bridge of her nose as she looked up at me, she dropped her shirt to the floor and put her hands on my hips whispering "I will suck your d*** better than you have ever experienced". I was about to say something, I don't even know what I would have said but before I could she shoved her hand down the front of my pants grabbing my c***, she looked up at me and winked, Smiled and started undoing my pants.
I know I should have stopped her but...Wow, looking down at her cleavage as she leaned over undoing my pants I was in a trance, she shuffled my pants to the floor and got on her knees, She looked up at me and said "Let's have a peek", She pulled my underwear down and I was already hard, she smiled at me and grabbed my shaft, opened her mouth and went for it. I am not going to try and tell you I have a monster c*** or anything but it does the job and I have never been deep throated before but...She slid her lips all the way down and I watched her take the whole length like it was nothing, She worked her head side to side and I could feel it in her throat, Not a feeling I have ever had in my life.
She undid her own bra while deep throating me and tossed it to the floor, She pulled back and gasped for air then said "Oh mr. *******", I have to admit that I was almost on the verge of blowing my load and grabbed her head shoving my c*** back in her mouth, I only lasted maybe 10 seconds as I held her there and she made this humming or moaning sound or something that made me lose control, She grabbed my thighs holding herself there as I came down her throat, she would swallow then moan "Mmm Hmm, Mmm Hmm" asking for more.
When I was done i had to sit on a bench by the door and she kept sucking until I was limp, She stood up and I apologized for coming so fast, she giggled the cutest little giggle making her b**** jiggle, I looked at her b**** and couldn't believe how firm they were, I took a deep breath and said "are those..." and she looked down, Cupped them and said "All me baby, No aftermarket here". I apologized again and she took me by the hand leading me to the bed as i shuffled along with my pants around my ankles, she pushed me back on the bed and took off her skirt showing me she was commando and not a single hair to be had. I looked at her then at my limp d*** and said "I am so sorry but..." and she grabbed it saying "don't worry...I'll get this f***** hard again", I couldn't believe the way she was talking, she is always just perfect and prim and proper around the office, Dressed perfectly, hair done perfectly and well spoken in her soft voice but now she was...Dirty and on the verge of...Dominant.
she laid down beside me and threw a leg over me whispering in my ear "What makes you hard?", I'll be honest, i have never gone more than once before and when I come it's kind of all or nothing and I was a bit embarrassed but she kept whispering to me, "Relax, I have all night, Do you want me to suck it until you get hard?...Do you want to watch me play with my p****?" then she raised her eye brows at me and nibbled my ear lobe whispering "Do you want me to sit on your face?" I nodded and she got up, straddled my face and looked down at me, Good god she is amazing, bald, soft and tasted amazing, I looked up at her b**** with her big, pink nipples and she pinched and pulled them as I started licking her. she was reaching back stroking me and said "Mmmm...I think it's working", She got off my face and I thought "NOOOOOOOOO" but she spun around, Tossed a leg over my face and put her p**** back on my mouth, I was looking up at her wonderful, round ass and her tiny little pink butt hole, I reached my hands around her hips and grabbed her ass squeezing and playing with it, She was jerking me then looked back over her shoulder, I couldn't see her face but she moaned "Mmmmm, Mr. *******, Do you want to lick my ass hole", I nodded and she sat up rolling her hips forward and I went straight for it, I have never done it before and my wife would NEVER go for that, I have seen hers and it's ok but a bit hairy, This one was just perfect, Pink and not a hair to be seen, soft and when I flicked it with my tongue she moaned and said "Oh my f*** yes".
I licked her ass for a minute or so and she spun around, i didn't even realize I was hard again but she just jumped right on it and slid down shaking her hips and her b**** were shaking, Her eyes were closing and she slid half way down, Slid back up and then slid down taking the whole thing as she closed her eyes, Sat there shaking and moaning in her soft tone and then opened her eyes and let out a deep moan saying "F*** yessssss" and came all over me, NEVER have I experienced a girl squirt before and this was more than that, It was a literal flood, I felt it, She came and I could feel it run out of her, All over my stomach, Hips, running down my b**** and she she would tense up, and then as she arched her back and relaxed she would come again and I could feel it again.
2 or 3 times she did that and then just collapsed on my chest, she was gasping for air and twitching and I said "Are you ok?", she struggled to get up and put one elbow on either side of my head then was working her beautiful face in her hands before she looked at me and said "Oh god...mmm...That's only the second time that has ever happened...I am so sorry", I smiled and said "Ha, I loved it", she looked down at me and and looked kind of puzzled saying "Really?", I nodded and pushed my hips forward showing her I was still hard, she jumped a bit and said "Oh s***...Uh...I might...I might need...a couple...Seconds", She rested her head on her hands and started slowly rocking her hips as I pinched her big pink nipples, She rocked her hips forward then back and wiggled her ass trying to get my whole c*** in her, As she rocked her hips back and pressed down she would moan and then do it all again, soon she was rocking with a pretty steady motion moaning and nodding her head.
She looked down at me and said "Harder", I grabbed her hips and she said "No", She put my hand back on her b*** and said "Harder", I pinched her nipple and she said "Both", I took one in each hand and pinched them between my thumb and pointer finger pulling a bit then letting go, She said "Harder" as she picked up her pace and went from rocking her hips to riding me, Again she moaned "Harder" and as i pinched harder she rode harder, she kept saying "Harder...yeah...Harder..." then she was in full stride riding me and moaned "So f****** hard...So hard baby" and I grabbed them twisting and pulling at the same time and she started shaking and moaning, I shoved my c*** deep in her and came and then she gritted her teeth and moaned "" as I held them scared I was hurting her but she was loving it and again flooded the bed and me, She let out a loud moan bordering on a scream and moaned "F*** yes you mother f*****...F*** yes".
after she collapsed she rolled off me and we were both laying in a soaking wet bed trying to catch our breath, She cupped her b**** and winced saying "Oooohhhh f***", I apologized and she smiled saying "Mmm, No, That was perfect, I love that but after just sometimes they need a minute."
We got up and showered and she confessed that she had never gotten off twice in one night and had only ever squirted once before like she said, We went and stayed the night in her room and in the morning I f***** her before we went for breakfast, After breakfast we went back to my room and did some prep for the meeting and had a long talk.
We decided that nothing will happen at home but she is going to ask to be my protege and come on some road trips with me.

Jun 7, 2019

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