Buddies mom caught us.

The other day me and a couple friends were hanging out in the one friends room when one of my friends suddenly whispers "Oh f*** you guys come here", We go over to the window and look out to find the other friends older sister and one of her friends are sitting by the pool topless.
His sister is uber hot, My dream girl, Blonde, Big b**** and super hot, Her friend is a brunette and not bad, Just a little bit chubbier but she has bigger b**** so it's a trade off. Anyway we are watching them and decide to go to a different room for a better look and from their spare bedroom we were maybe 10 feet from them and had a perfect 45 degree angle view and all of us were peeking from a different spot behind the curtains, We were watching them but couldn't hear what they were saying but it was obvious they were talking about their bodies and his sisters friend was waving her hands around over her crotch, I looked over at my one friend and he had his d*** out jerking it and all three of us were just like (F*** it) and whipped our d**** out.
So we are all standing there jerking off when all of a sudden we hear his mom whisper "What the h*** is going on", we all spin around and all had our d**** out, No one even tried to cover up or put them away, She was looking right at them looking back and forth in shock and whispered "What is going on", she walked right up and whispered "Are you?" and peeked out the curtains and said "Yeah of course", She was looking right at our d**** and said "No, Just...No" and we all pulled our pants up as she pointed at the door.
We went back to his room and watched form the window as his mom went outside and the girls jumped as she walked up on them, she must have told them we were watching because they were both covering their b**** as she pointed at the window we had been peeking from and then they both covered up and went inside.
Damn, She wasn't even supposed to be home.

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  • I would eat her p**** well and make it too wet with my saliva so that I can penetrate her with little effort. I guess her p**** will start throbbing with lips swollen as I thrust in my c*** into her deflowered c***. OHH! she is a c*** girl little w**** as I feel it clasp my c*** quite well and draw my c*** a bit and see its pink entry draws out then bury deep into her while she squirms in pleasure and wrap her arms around my waist. I pump my c*** hard to rip her c*** till I e******** at great speed and she almost collapse in pain and pleasure.... Your sis strokes her p**** in anticipation to enjoy my thick 8.5" c*** too.

  • Did anyone at least get to bust a nut?

  • That's awesome. Sucks though that his mom didn't let you finish.

  • My mom helped me with my h****** after the 5th time of catching me. Don't give up

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