I have wife with secret personality

She never denies but never has flat out admitted. In it's self is admitting, and I love the secrecy. I had arrangement with two guys for them to go for it actually force it if she has gone a little to far. But I get all the details.
My wife is church active, a great mom and been a great wife and helper to me.
None of our close circle of friends would ever imagine, I didn't either.
She confided in one of the bf's that she just love huge c***, and a good hard one. She said she loved her husband but he, me ha, didn't have it.
Both guys said she plays the flirt sweet little sexy wife game, but allowed them to grab ass, then eventually as she resisted got her b**** out. And as I told them once that far what's she gonna say if they force it from there.
During s** all she talked about was that big c*** in her.
She would come home and I would never have guessed what she had been doing if they didn't tell me. Act like nothing happened that day and me knowing she got hammered for hours just a few hours ago. LOVE IT!
In her later years she is very bi toward young little butts, guess having all the daughters friends around got to her.

Jun 11, 2019

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  • Do to recession I lost my job and now confined to home as retired. My wife who is 10 years younger to me meantime got promotion in her career and have to travel a lot. But she loves me too much and always care after me. But off late I doubt whether she has some extra relations. Once while she was in the toilet with an upset stomach back from a long official tour. I just checked her handbag and saw the packet of condum, four already used and some pills. There was one small packet with only one pill sitting in the middle, which I checked over internet and found that to be morning pill consumed for unprotected s**. I checked her used panties and all the unwashed panties she brought back from tour had the c** scars which reminded me of my young days while masturbating used to c** on the window curtains and circles and that stiffness of c** when dried out. Thinking her being f***** by her boss or colleagues gave me some thrilling thoughts I just could not stop masturbating, while she slept being sick from travel.

  • My hot wife is into dogs, little boys, and big fat c****.

  • Http://knockedaround.boards.net/

  • I have a "hotwife" too am like you guys, I adore her for it. One dark night she went out on a lake with some people in a row boat, I didn't see who. I guess she didn't either because when she got back she said, I think I gave some blow jobs on that boat.

    She was very wasted. I asked, who were the lucky guys, and she said she didn't know !

  • I might add, and I have to get home soon or I'll bein trouble, but since I'm boasting, I'll tell you that once she came home from a party, pulled up her car into the driveway, but then didnt come inside. After a while I guessed what was up, and started feeling bad that they were in that cramped car. I thought maybe the guy was afraid to come in. I know pretty much not to interfere but I eventually went out there - it was dark - but I tapped very gently on the window and said, wouldnt you be more comfortable inside ? But she snapped at me just a bit and said It's more fun out here.

  • Yes, i LOVE those sweet church going women that act all pious at times, but when they get the d*** they be screaming and begging for it.

  • Damn that’s hot. How bout some photos next time from them as proof.Or even take her panties or something that really shows proof. Before I married my wife we would go out without each other. I knew many of the guys wanted so bad to f*** her. She has nice big b**** in which I’m not a fan of... ass guy here and she has that. After we had gotten married she was drunk and as we were having s** admitted to f****** 2 guys I knew. She said the only place she could suck and f*** them was their car and truck.
    She also said she gave them both b******* in the public almost where anyone could see. Since we’re been married she’s admitted to f****** 5 guys one of which was my neighbor named Andrew who had a humongous c*** but didn’t know how to use it

  • Oh I eventually got pics and a few vids from the guy named Dale. She was taking care of him off and on for a few years. The other guy John, was a summer month thing but he saw her maybe 3 times after. Played same game with him, he was first. Joking around, she stopped by to drop off papers I had done for him. In work out shorts just covering that ass cheek. John said he got a hand full and she moved away, then he did later and she let him pull shorts down from behind and play with all that ass. John is a more forward guy, he pulled the front of his down and that big d*** about half hard got her attention. He said at first she was laughing, saying I aint believing this etc. Long story short John said she was fixated on that big boy, stroked it, and he walked to to the bedroom. Once on top she was saying we cant be doing this, I shouldn't be here Yada Yad. But not trying to get up or out of room. He did her real good several times. Called me afterwards, I was home before her, and she just gave me a hug in driveway and we sat out in the yard enjoying the evening.

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