Car wash

It had been so long quite a lot has happened since i first wrote about my neighbour who has been playing with my dirty undies. One big thing that happened is I had to wash and clean out the car when it was parked outside and becuase the road is narrow it was really more outside his house than ours. I was with my little brother and we were using a bucket and he came out and offered his hosepipe to use which was really sweet of him. I was wearing my jogging bottoms which are not very sexy but a black b*** tube over a metalic green bra top which were pretty cute. I glanced up and I could see him at the upstairs window with his phone like he was filming. At first I was embarressed but then I didn't really mind and in fact was pretty flattered. After a bit I went inside and changed into my leggings and I could see he was still there when I came out. My joggers are pretty gross but these leggings are quite expensive with the band around the waist and make my bum look good.
I was vacuuming the back seats and I was sticking my bum out and stretching my legs wide while I knew he was watching. My leggings get pretty see thru when they are stretched and it was making me really h**** that he could see my knickers through the fabric and was still watching me. I even bent down sometimes facing him so he could see down my top even though it was pretty tight. My knickers got so wet thinking about him watching and filming me and probably thinking about what he would do to me.
Some people might call me a s*** but I know that I'm not because I only did it for him not just anyone and I'm almost a women now and it's natural for women to get h**** too. Next morning I left the knickers i was wearing out on the bed, mum said she was working away so he was going to walk the dog. When I came home they were moved and felt damp and I'm pretty sure they had his s**** on but it's hard to tell because they were white. I sucked them and they tasted salty, not just like my taste. I wanted to rub them on myself but if I got pregnant from them that would be hard to explain!
Last time someone said I should leave my phone out with pictures but I don't want to be without it at school but that was a pretty cool idea. Two other people said they would rape me which was gross and one person wanted to hit me as well which is sick. I want to get close to him but at the same time I don't want it to come out in the open because I'm so young I know he'll get in so much trouble if it got known. What can I do? No perverts please please.


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  • You are a proper s lut and a c ock teaser ,
    how about A F UCK?

  • I can help you if you really want too? This could be beautiful for the pair of you

  • What do you mean? How can you help? Please just give the advice you suggest.

  • Ok, do you have any sexy underwear you can wear? If so explain, trust me I'm trying to help

  • No I think you're just being a pervert.

  • I can't see you, I'm not there am I?
    But what you think is sexy underwear might not be that sexy!
    Ok, we try a different way, are you two ever alone together?

  • Ok I've got two pairs of quite sexy plain black kind of satiny with quite a narrow crotch,
    they don't look very special in the photo but are narrow over my crotch on and much narrower than the rest of mine which are either very girly or plain black cotton. And they feel nice, but I spose they're not what you would call sexy!
    We only meet alone when I walk our dog and he walks his and we occasionally bump into each other. Other than that no.

  • Is ever able to see you from you bedroom window and you believe he is already coming in your panties?

  • What? Speak English moron.

  • Is he able to see you from your bedroom window?
    And does he have Access to your house, you said your panties tasted slaty

  • He could see me outside from his window, either the back when i'm in the garden or the front when I'm washing mum's car. He can't see into my window. And yes he has access to our house to look after our dog when mum's at work. i wrote about what's gone on earlier in another confession called 'My neighbor is sniffing my used knickers and it turns me on'. That's still going on but he doesn't walk the dog very often,

  • Right then, you need to put a small piece of paper in your bedroom door so when he opens it, you know he has entered your room, don't make it visible, in between the door and the frame.

    Also leave some panties on your bed, this time you need to squirt in them so they are soaked with your come, he will m********* in them this time and you will know this time

  • How is it going?

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