I woke up this past Saturday with my pants down and a h******, to my shock it was my 10 year old girl Jenny, She was stocking and licking me. I said Jenny what are you doing and she said helping you out because mommy don't anymore. I let her continue and I came. I felt so guilty, but good to. After a hour we started to high and kiss and I went down on her,she actually got so wet and had o******. We are spending more and more time with each other. My daughter Jenny said she is so happy and so am I.


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  • Your story could be believable if you could spell correctly.

  • Http://

  • I want her tight young holes

  • Troll

  • That’s HOT!!! I bet she sucks a mean co ck!!!!

    Her pu ssy has be be so nice and tasty!!!

    You fu ck her tight wet cu nt yet????

  • No I have done her ass, I can only get one finger in her, I love licking her right bug

  • I bet her ass feels so good wrapped around your c***!!!!!

  • She is only 10, build her up to sexual as you want. Teach her the charm of her p**** being sucked and fingering. Once she has the experience of first o***** in a year or two, she will come to you time and again. By this time finger her using lube, insert one finger, then two and dilute her hymen. Once this is done, your will be able to insert your c*** slowly, at least part of it. By the time she reaches 12, you may share p*** with her showing f****** vids!!

  • 12?? had mine in my cousin when she was 8 and damn her p**** was nice

  • Sickest pedo out there

  • If it is not forced and she enjoys then I see nothing wrong, just because they can't have a baby yet does not mean they can't enjoy s**

  • We both enjoy being with each other nothing sick about it

  • #verysickfuck

  • Calling bullshit on this one.

  • There seems to be a run on basement dwellers making up stories about little kids around here lately. It's kind of played out, but that minor detail won't shut them up. Oh well.

  • Then u were deposited to mental asylum for pedo mentality and accidently authorities forgot to separate your phone thats the reason u r s******* here

  • You're f****** sick.

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