Wife's younger sister

Long story short, 10 years ago when she was 16 my wife's younger sister Jenny gave me a b******* and I came in her mouth. Then I went ate her p**** until she came.

It was her first time for both and she really like it.

Since that day, we have have long 69 sessions at least 3 times a week on the nights my wife works at night so we have time.

I think my wife knows, as she told Jenny it great that she stay over night with me, so I don't go to bar with all those whores.

At least i know you to enjoy your time together.

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  • It doesn't add up why john called this so called 3rd kid Jennifer. There are no Jenifer in our family but might be on the bitche karen law side. but seeing they are so secretive and didn't tell us mum does not care to know much and i agree. I told her its up to her but i personally don't want to be washed in the dramas of their child draining my energy and stealing my time and life away from me like they did before to me. It does not worry me to never met the child. Its not my child so why should I even care anyway. I just dont want them in my way anymore stealing everything and draining me and what we have now.
    I need to be separated from all the hangers on who drained me out like cousins, siblings, siblings kids, etc. family politics , so I can find a love and life that is for me and doesn't involve them.

  • Id storm in your house brutally rape your wife and her sis right infront of you

  • Then I'd come in through the window,with shattering glass doing a commando roll, give you a high five and tag in,then brutally rape her and her sis in front of the loser as well!!
    Tag team bro!!!

  • Id sniff her dirty stank panties

  • Why when you could eat her c*** and stinky a***?

  • Cause I want to degrade her as I tell her the stank smells I'm smelling

  • You *two* enjoy

  • Yeah enjoy urself and i have been taking care of ur wife don’t worry

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