My friends Tomboy sister up in a tree

I was in my early 20's and his sister was visiting him on her 18the birthday. She had always acted like a boy although she was not gay. She climbed up a tree and I was looking up at her and talking to her. She was wearing loose fitting shorts and you could see up the leg. She was not wearing any underwear.

Her entire v***** was clearly visible. I just kept talking to her and looking on the sly. Her brother called us to dinner and she climbed down.

I never saw that again.

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  • My younger sister Lilly would do that to me. I was 15 and she 12. We shared a bedroom which had bunk beds and she slept on top. It went on for two years, I looked and would get hard.

    Finally, when she turned 14, she was sitting on the top bunk and suddenly jumped down and kissed me.

    Lilly said, " Why don't you ever kiss me? I love you. And she kissed me again. They she said It my birthday, I want you for my present."

    We made out for an hour and we ended up naked and I went down on her.

    That night we started to lock the bedroom door and played and experimented. That Saturday night we lost our virginity to each other.

    It 15 years later and Lilly still flashes me to turn me on. The s** is amazing!

  • Tell her one day

  • I love memories like this. I've a similar one

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