Whos' Your Daddy?

I'm probably your father. I use to f*** your momma when her husband went to work each morning. He left out the front door and I came in the back door. Your momma made me good meals like fried chicken and chicken fried steak. Then she led me up stairs and I f***** her brains out. My c*** went in so deep that she moaned loudly when I gave it to her. All the neighbors knew what her hubby didn't. Another rooster had been in the chicken coup. So it was me who put the sperm to the egg that eventually became you. I would take a bow but that's ok. I'm the unsung hero of the world. Someone has to plow all the fields and keep them fertile. That's me. So just know this. Things aren't always as they seem. Yeah baby! Who's Your Daddy? Well?



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  • If your my daddy you owe a s*** load of child support you piece of crap. Shut your mouth and pay up. Other than that you are worthless.

  • Yawn, another virgin sharing their fantasy with the internet. Trying hard to be racist too?

  • I got something that is hard for you. Want to guess what it is? I'll give you two free ones. The first one doesn't count. I'll give you a little hint. It's initials are T T.

  • Tiny Testicles?

  • Elvis is my daddy!

  • Wow! You too? He banged my mom around 67 . She didn't want anything from him as she got me. True totally true.

  • Is this like Who's on first? Just asking?

  • Yeah well don't be surprised. But I'm probably your daddy my friend. Your mother was one good piece of tail back in the day. I had to leave town though. Sorry about that. But I had several old girlfriends all knocked up at once and had to split. You don't know it but you have a quite large extended family. You will find them if you send your DNA to Ancestry. com. But your uncle Sy will problem make the news when they figure out he raped and murdered those poor hikers back in the Appalachian mountains of the Carolinas in 72. Anyhow wish we could meet I wouldn't mind f****** your mom again as soon as I get out of prison in Tennessee. Dad, or just call me pop.

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