Best Person Ive Ever Met

This isnt romantic or sexual this girl seriously just made an incredible first impression on me. Like...her vibe her aura what she said how she said it. This b**** is from another dimension of angels who probably love dank memes.

So I walk into a bank like ya do. Someone behind the counter calls for Chris. Thats also my name. So this g****** adorable, innocent yet clever looking teller looks at my file and starts giggling. She says “Ha, your name is Chris too, so you probably thought they were calling for you, hehehehehe, how can I help you tho?” She was just so genuinely amused by something so simple, and it was so honest that I couldnt help but join her in laughing. She was really nice and I hardly remember anyone wishing me goodbye so sweetly. This was years ago but Ill always remember that angel. The GOAT. Hope shes good.

Jun 18, 2019

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  • Why didn't you ask her out for dinner?

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