Sad news

Roy Moore from Alabama is going to run for the Senate again, even though everybody knows he's a pedophile with charges from six girls in their teens that he molested them. He's a really sick f*** but he's a Republican and he lives in Alabama and they don't care about that s*** down there. I think the world is a f***** up place. But especially Alabama. (I live in New Hampshire.)

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  • He is still banging children and he needs a good castration.

  • Notice he isn't wearing his great big ten-gallon hat and waving around his shiny little pistol anymore? We won't even go into the horse he misused as a prop. That kind of '50s-era cowboy showboating crap doesn't carry as much weight as it did back when he and his fan club were sitting around the wireless radio. Also, he's scum that should be swinging from the nearest high branch by his neck.

  • MAGATS are easily entertained, just like speds

  • Yes, Moore is a truly sick f***, and she should be put down.

  • Your right no one cares about that stuff. Look at Michael Jackson. I'm sure he's getting a big red devil d*** right now and so is his father Joe. At least we can hope they are anyway.

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