I really hate my body

I was a relatively skinny child. When I was 17 year old I weighed 115 lbs. But after four children I'm running close to hitting 200 Lbs. My husband said he still desires my body and I do believe him but he's just a very h**** and sexual individual. I've tried loosing weight but nothing seems to work. My body and joints ache all over from the extra weight. I walk almost everyday at lunch time but that doesn't really help. Back around 2000 I was almost 190 lbs. I got down to about 125 Lbs and everyone asked if I was ok. All my friends thought I was sick and didn't look well. I really hate my fat body. I'm in my mid 50's now going through the change and I wish I could just loose 50 lbs. So mad and frustrated.

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  • I hate your body also, LOL. Just kidding I bet your one sexy momma. You can come over my place and hobble de gee anytime.

  • Well don't you fret none my love. I would love to join your hubby and give you a good pounding. He's right I bet you are so sexy of a woman. I love women with a few pounds and stretch marks and saggy mommy b****. I bet your p**** and ass are fine. I bet you would make my c*** feel really good. See what you did now. I'm all turned on and rock hard thinking about your sexy body and what I'd like to do with you. I have a few pounds myself my love. Want to get together and show me that sexy mommy body?

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