I slept with my husband's best friend

I let my guard down for what seemed a moment and now I regret it. Of all the people I had to sleep with my husband's best friend. He had come over to borrow a tool from my husband to work on his car. My husband was at work and he let me know that Stan was coming over to get it. Stan came and he got it and then left. He returned about four hours later. I left the front door open with the screen door unlocked. He knocked and I told him to come in. He returned the tool and was getting ready to leave. I was upstairs in the spare bedroom laying on my tummy. I called him up for a moment and he came upstairs.

I was on my tummy wearing some really short shorts that showed a little cheek. I told him I was glad my husband had a good friend like him to do things with. Then I told him I was really lonely with him working nights and me working days. I asked him to sit next to me for a moment. He sat next to me on the bed and then I turned over and I put my arms around him and we kissed. It wasn't long before we were taking our clothes off and we made love.

I knew that I had made a big mistake afterwards. But during I was enjoying someone who was paying attention to me and who made me feel loved. Now Stan is wanting to do it again and I know this will end badly. Stan is married and has three children. We haven't been married but about a year and a half and no children. I have been wanting to be with Stan again. But this can't happen. I hope it's not too late. If either of our spouses find out it will destroy our friendships.

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  • You are not a w**** f*** the idiots commenting here, your husband is not meeting your needs, cuckold the p**** and enjoy getting some good d***

  • Well we have had s** a couple more times since I last posted on here. Stan is so good to me. He makes me feel alive and like life has meaning. I don't thing we can stop. I spend the time not with him thinking about him. I talk with him via text and sometimes he calls me when I have a moment. I don't know anymore about what's right or wrong. How can it be wrong when we both feel so good again. Tell me that?

  • What's wrong is the lying. Can you get your husband to let you have an open marriage?

  • Nope he is insanely jealous. Like if he even thinks I am checking another man out he gets all angry. He asks me all the time about any text I get. So I turned my alerts off. Other wise he will pester me. Drives me crazy. I can hardly get away with my girlfriends for a girls night out. Then he ask me where did we go, who with, what did you eat. Reminds me of my father.

  • But you are cheating so its good that he was pestering you.

  • Your needs aren't been meet by your husband so f*** him, don't feel guilty. You are a sexual being, you need satisfaction, let Stan come over again and s*** the s*** out of you

  • You filthy s***

  • Like I always say. A stiff p**** has no conscience. Well a h**** p**** or v***** is no different. So just enjoy the s**. That's what I do.

  • I wont hurt to have the occasional one night Stan.

  • You are a WH ORE

  • Oh man you know you like to hit her p**** don't you? Maybe you should try and be more of a w**** yourself.

  • F*** off

  • You First! LoL Ha! Ha! No better yet suck off.

  • Yep! Totally!

  • What did you expect to happen? You have no one to blame but yourself. You wanted it to happen. You get no sympathy from me you s***. I hope your husband finds out and he gives you the beating you deserve. You used Stan to what purpose? W****!

  • No one deserves to be beaten. :(

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