I've been married for almost 10 years. My s** life with my wife used to be decent. S** about twice a week. H*** from the month before our wedding till about 2 months after we had s** almost every day. Then it started slowly dwindling. From twice a week to once a week. From once a week to once every other week. It's currently been 7 months of no s**. She says she hasnt been h**** at all in forever. I'm still 35 years old and I'm not ready to not have s** anymore.

So my confession is that I cheat on her. Repeatedly. We had some fights before and she even left to go to her mom's house for 2 months because of it. In ten years of marriage I've slept with 5 women and probably a dozen men.

First time was a co-worker in my office. We had always been super friendly with each other. Harmless flirting. She knew I was married. She became someone I would confide in. She knew I was a h**** guy and knew my wife didn't put out enough for me. She said it sounded like I needed my d*** sucked. I asked if she was offering expecting her to answer like she always did. She said yes she was offering.

We went to her house after getting off early. All the paperwork was done. She sucked me off and i ate her out. She asked if I was interested in a sexual relationship. I told her that i wasn't ready for divorce. She said she wasn't looking for a relationship. Just two ppl having s**. Stacy and I had s** anywhere from 2 times to 5 times a week every week for about a year. It would have continued but she took a job out of state.

I started f****** another girl at the office. She knew about me and Stacy. She wanted a relationship and I wasn't wanting one. We probably had s** a dozen times.

Most of the men were a once or twice kinda thing. I would get a bj and that would be it. It either felt weird and I didn't want to do it again or schedules kept conflicting.

Now we are at the present. New job. Having s** with a female co-worker once a week. Not a full relationship but not just s**. Also moved into a nice neighborhood with a gay neighbor around the corner. He needed help installing some speaker wire in the walls of his living room and I obliged. He hit on me and I accepted. He goes into work a couple hours after I get off work so I stop by 2 or 3 times a week. It started off him sucking me off. He is always happy just to do that. I started getting the urge to suck him back. Now we suck each other off. Developing a craving for c**. He also f**** me but not very often. He prefers me to swallow his load. He probably f**** me 3 or 4 times a month.

Wife doesn't want s** so I'm happy to get it elsewhere. Otherwise the marriage is great.

Oct 17, 2016

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  • You have a great thing going most of us probably would do the same sometime I wonder why I am still married i have the same problem just haven't done anything about it

  • Idiot! Make your h**** then! Just because your h****, doesn't mean she's going to be as well! Get her in the mood, you f*****! Romance her and make love to her, caress her fool! You discuss these things, you don't use cheating as justification and a problem solver! You talk to your wife and work these kinks out!

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