COVID has turned me and my GF into prostitutes

My GF and are have worked in the restaurant industry for a long time. Due to COVID, first I lost my job, then she did. The unemployment checks were just not covering the bills. We live in San Francisco. Expensive. We live in an apartment building with 48 units, and we know many of the tenants pretty well.

One day when I was talking to our neighbor, Robert, who is a single male aged 42. He told me he was needed to get laid but didn't know anyone who would do it with him at that time. So then he actually asked me if I would suck his c***. I had never done it before.

I asked him why would I do that. He said he'd give me $20 but you have to let me c** in your mouth. Because money was getting really tight I agreed. So we went to his apartment, he took off his pants, and sat on the couch. I just started sucking him and it took him about 5 minutes to c**. His c** didn't taste that bad.

He then told me he would give me $20 each time if I sucked him regularly. Anyway I agreed and started sucking him pretty much every day. Well no good deed goes unpunished. He told a few other guys in the bldg. that lived alone. Soon I was sucking four guys regularly.

One day while I was sucking Robert, he told me he really needed to get laid. I don't know why, but I told him he could use my ass for $50. It actually feels pretty good, especially when I j*** off while f**** me.

Then my GF found out. Shockingly enough she wasn't p*****. She had the attitude that you've got to what you've got to do to make ends meet. Then she asked if I would mind if she got in on the action to make a little money. She's a little younger than me. She's 38 and pretty hot. I'm 44.

I wasn't sure I wanted her to do it, but what h*** am I going to say after I'd been sucking and getting f***** by guys for about month. Anyway, she wanted to charge $100.00 for an hour. I told her she should charge more.
She said $100 is good because that's affordable enough that he'll pay regularly. We went over to Robert's and told him she would f*** him for that amount. He said he'd pay $100, but wanted two hours. She agreed.

But, since she'd never seen it before, she wanted to watch me suck his c*** first. I did that one for free. I left, and she came back to our apartment a couple hours later with $100.

As the last few months have passed, our clientele has expanded. We are actually servicing 8 different guys in the bldg. and a couple of 3 other people we know. A couple of them are married so they come over to our apartment for her and me. I pretty much suck five or six c**** a day, and some of them f*** me too. I get $70 for both.

The one gay guy that I service does pay me $100 for full on s**. We both suck and f*** each other.

Even though all but one of them is straight they continue to use me because the GF limits each customer to once a week at the most. So she f**** one or two of them a day, while I take care of them the other days of the week. Once in a while we will be bought as a package deal.

All in all, both the GF and I are enjoying what we are doing, and it's pretty good money. The only down side is that are having s** a little less due to our activities.

Nov 24, 2020

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  • I live in sf and I would love to be part of your costumers. Hit me up at

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