Purposely show myself

Because most would classify this as strange that's what I'm putting it as well anyways im 16 and my d*** is 2 inches soft and 5 hard well anyways after I shower I get dressed in my room but i do it different than most I open my curtains rather than close them then I stand in the window naked and get dressed it's best to do it at night with the light on so I'm more visible I also like to do that when staying in a hotel. I think this fetish of mine started when I was 14 and at a wave pool my trunks were a little big and the strings had come untied and I didn't notice so when I jumped into a wave off went my trunks I was so embarrassed yet turned on I was walking around the pool with a b**** looking for my trunks because the pool was crowed it was tough to do I drug my d*** across numerous people's butts, legs, feet, arms, and hands. So that's my strange fetish being seen naked and that's where I believe it started

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  • I think I have a problem

  • I'm 12 and my pine is 4 soft 6.5 hard

  • =^_^= <(fake as f**k, Bahahaha)

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