Panty sniffing

When my brother and his super hot GF were going on vacation he asked me to come over and take care of some things at the apt. They were just getting out the door when I got there...they leave and I'm inside. I see her panties next to the bed and boom I'm in business. I know they just came off her cause they are damp in the crouch ….they most likely didn't have s** because they had to catch a super early flight and had to get up at like 4 am.
They go right on my face like a mask with the fantastic smelling crotchet was a right over my nose and mouth as I rubbed one out... it was an incredible nut.
By the way they were a lacy thong and had some stains.
He eventually married her and she turned into a cow but at the time she was about 5ft 2 105 lbs with great t*** and she is built like a beach ball.
I don't regret it at all....I have some other real panty stories too.

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  • When I was a young teenage boy I would j******* many times while sniffing a pair of my gorgeous older sister “Betty” “Ann’s” dirty panties that she wore entirely all day at the optical business where my sister was a fabulous gorgeous receptionist 👀⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Betty” “Ann” had a big fat ass on her too simply die for🤪⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👀

  • Oh my You are so fortunate too be able too j******* while sniffing dirty panties worm by a very gorgeous older blonde hair sister in full complete secret🤫

  • You were very lucky little “perv” 😜brother too be fortunate enough too have Such a gorgeous older sister👩 Still living at home and having such fantastic opportunity retrieving Your gorgeous older sister “Betty Ann’s” dirty panties🤓 Too pleasure yourself in full complete secret🤫

  • Does she still have that ass?

  • Please ask me more about my gorgeous sister Betty Anns👩 big ass👌

  • You must be a big ass lover🤫

  • I have always loved big fat butts😛

  • Oh yes my beautiful older sister “Betty” “Ann” still has her gorgeous big fat ass on her🤪

  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Mr. bensons🤫

  • So hot. I would have done the same. I would have kept the panties and sniffed them every night dreaming about the hot girl she was and wore and came all over them!

  • Baby blue long leg nylon panty girdle🤫 With garters🤫 My gorgeous older blonde hair sister 👩 wore this girdle everyday underneath her skirts👩 I wish my pretty older sister only knew that her little brother sniffed inside her girdle crotch every evening when she took it off in her upstairs bedroom🤫 l always found my sisters girdle laying on her bedroom floor in front of my pretty sisters closet😝my pretty sisters fresh p**** smelled absolutely delicious inside her girdle crotch🤪 and you better be leave me I sniffed inside her girdle crotch to the fullest😝 my sisters👩p**** scent was out of this world🤪

  • I wonder if you’re gorgeous older blonde hair 👩 sister ever new what her little brother was doing in her upstairs bedroom with her dirty clothes that she just took off after wearing them entirely all day at the office 🤪 just think of the fresh secret scent inside your beautiful older sisters undergarments🤪

  • Did your gorgeous older sister have a beautiful ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ breathtaking huge big fat butt on her and blonde hair😜

  • Well I didn’t want to steal them and get caught....there was another time when my wife had 3 of her work friends over to use the pool. 2 of them were really hot and the changed in our bedroom and left their cloths in a pile on the bed so I could tell who’s cloths we’re who’s...I could also see the pool from the bedroom window so I knew they were all in there and I didn’t have to worry about getting caught. It was about 95 degrees that day and the panties were sweaty...that was a great day!

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