Panty sniffing

When my brother and his super hot GF were going on vacation he asked me to come over and take care of some things at the apt. They were just getting out the door when I got there...they leave and I'm inside. I see her panties next to the bed and boom I'm in business. I know they just came off her cause they are damp in the crouch ….they most likely didn't have s** because they had to catch a super early flight and had to get up at like 4 am.
They go right on my face like a mask with the fantastic smelling crotchet was a right over my nose and mouth as I rubbed one out... it was an incredible nut.
By the way they were a lacy thong and had some stains.
He eventually married her and she turned into a cow but at the time she was about 5ft 2 105 lbs with great t*** and she is built like a beach ball.
I don't regret it at all....I have some other real panty stories too.

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