Drinking too much , too often .

I'm a 31 year old woman who enjoys drinking too much and getting drunk . Eileen



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  • Hi Eileen,Miss reading your tales of drunk nights out,

  • Is that you , SC ? Eileen .

  • Congratulations, you are a Loser now , by what I mean by Loser , I mean you are a Loser now from birth , just like I am a Loser by birth . Congrats

  • "I'm a serial-posting r***** who's trying a different angle with a tired old obsession."

    FIFY, idiot

  • I don't want to rape her. I want to marry her.

  • Maybe -- just maybe -- the problem is that you don't drink ENOUGH.

  • Whenever I leave a bar or party I either stagger or I'm walking SO carefully to try to avoid staggering . Eileen .

  • I was a heavy alcoholic for a few years, but my body quit taking it so well. Whiskey every night, and I’d vomit every morning after, I was b**** to the wall trying to die.

  • I want to rape you

  • No me first!!!!!

    We can both get her drunk and rape her!!!!!!!

  • No problem...where to find this bitchh

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