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My boyfriend and I tried our first...Three way...No...Cuckold, No...I don't really know what to call it but anyway I banged his friend while he watched. We were all partying together and shared a cab home, My boyfriends friend Mark got out at our house and we went inside, We had a couple more drinks and they were both talking about "Size" and I don't recall what Mark said but my boyfriend said "Pffft, Don't even...Like you have ever worried about that", It was obviously something about being big or small and it did peak my interest even though Mark is not a guy I have ever really wondered about. Mark is tall and slim and decent looking but I just never really wondered about his...Package.
I got caught looking at Marks crotch and my boyfriend said "What are you thinking about?", I laughed and my boyfriend started telling Mark to show it to me, Mark pretended to not want to but after a minute he looked at me and said "Want to see it?", I laughed and said "Did you really just ask me that?", Mark shrugged and stood up, He stood right in front of me and I sat up, He undid his pants and whipped them down, To be honest I wasn't that impressed. It was just dangling there not much bigger than my boyfriends but maybe a little, I looked at it then looked at my boyfriend and my boyfriend said "You have to make it hard".
I looked at my boyfriend and said "So, How do you know what his p**** looks like when it's hard?", My boyfriend said "I walked in on Maria giving him head", I looked at my boyfriend and said "Well I am not sucking it so....", Mark looked at me and I looked at him, I took a deep breath and sighed then said "Ok, Here" and took off my shirt and bra, I have big b**** for my build, I'm not real tall but I weigh 125 lbs and have DD's, My boyfriend always tells me my body is phenomenal but I think I am too skinny and would like to fill out a little especially in the back, I have zero booty. I sat back on the couch and looked at Mark, I looked down and he wasn't getting hard, I said "What...You don't like?" As I shook my chest at him, He said "I like very much but..." and I said "But...what?".
Mark looked at my boyfriend and he just shrugged, Mark said "What I want to see is lower", I said "Tsk, Tsk boys, I don't think so", My boyfriend said "Oh come on, Why not?", I thought for a second and couldn't really come up with a good reason for why not so I slid my panties off and kept my skirt down, I looked at mark and did my best seductive look (Probably not great) but then I spread my legs and had my hand covering it, I leaned back and tilted my hand to the side giving him a peek and his p**** started to grow". I giggled and Mark said "What?", I said "That's so weird, I've never actually watched one get hard before", His p**** got a bit longer, Then thicker then longer and I looked at my boyfriend, He said "Oh wait, That's nothing", Mark reached down and grabbed a handful of my left b*** and I said "ooohhh I don't think..." and then his p**** started to stand up, I stopped and stared and said "Oh...Ok" and I just watched as his p**** went from average to WOW.
Mark easily has the biggest p**** I have ever seen in person, He puts to shame a lot of the guys I have even seen on video, My boyfriend has a foreskin but Mark doesn't and to be honest I think I prefer the look of no foreskin, I looked at my boyfriend and said "Yeah, Ok, That's frickin big" and my boyfriend said "Grab it", I didn't even think about it, I just put my hand under it and lifted it then said "It's heavy" and laughed. I was holding it and looking at it when Mark said "Dude...What the...", I looked at my boyfriend and he had his pants undone and had his p**** out stroking it and was rock hard.
I said "Oh my god...Seriously?", My boyfriend said "You never did show him your p****", I had forgotten all about it and looked up at Mark saying "still want to see?", Mark said "F*** yes...Please", I said "Kneel" pointing at the floor in front of me, Mark did and I leaned back, Slowly lifted my skirt and Mark whispered "Oh...My...God", I started touching myself slowly then spread my lips and touched my c*** with my finger, I totally forgot that I was not going to give in to my urges and when Mark leaned forward I just went with it and soon I was laying back with my legs spread eagle and Mark licking me.
My boyfriend got up and rubbed his p**** across my mouth and I pushed him away, I said "Not...No...Oh s***...No, Not happening" and he went back to watching and stroking, Mark got on his knees in front of me and rubbed his huge purple k*** on my c***, I was about to say something when he pushed it into me and all I could do was gasp and say "Oh god". I have never felt anything like it, He is huge and it was stretching me just with his k*** in and all I could think of was how much I wanted more. Mark started sawing back and forth giving me inch by inch of his huge p**** and I was just running my hands through my hair moaning "Oh god, Oh s***, Slow, More, Slow" and I didn't even realize it but somewhere along the way my boyfriend had moved to where he was on his knees beside me watching Mark and me and jerking.
I came hard and fast and Mark started banging me kind of rough and hard, I had already came and was moaning "Too much, Too much, Come for me, Please", It was starting to hurt and Mark was putting it in way too deep, Mark started pulling on my nipples way too hard but my boyfriend was holding my arms above my head and I said "Ow, Not so hard, It hurts, Everything hurts" Mark said "I'll decide when your done" and thank god i was dripping wet because without any warning he reached around and shoved a finger in my bum, I tensed up and said "Ow, No" and then he pulled his finger out, Pulled his p**** out and with my boyfriend still holding my hands above my head they both came on my face and b****.
Instantly it was ruined for me, I was thankful he pulled out of me but I just froze as they both kept jerking and coming on my face and then Mark started rubbing it into my b****, I had my eyes closed and they were slapping me in the face with their penises and touching and pinching and slapping my b**** and then someone shoved a finger in me. I crossed my legs and they pulled their fingers out and then I said "Done...So f****** done" and told my boyfriend to get me a towel, Mark was still sitting on my stomach and playing with my b**** as I wiped my face off, When I could open my eyes I said "Off" and he got off, I went and showered and when I got out I went straight to the bedroom, Mark and my boyfriend came in right away and my boyfriend pulled my towel off, Mark pushed me down on the bed and got on top of me.
I told Mark "No, We are done here...This is over, You need to go", They both looked at me and Mark got off me, Mark left and my boyfriend came back to the bedroom, He asked what was wrong and I said "Don't talk to me", He said "Is it because we came on your face?", I said "Do you f****** think?", and he said "Ok, well...Next time we won't", I just shook my head and rolled over.
Next time, Really...NO THANKS.

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  • Pfffft. Your boyfriend sure is interested in Marks d***.

  • What a wonderful s e x y time for you

  • Bullsh1t there won’t be a next time. You LOVED it ALL!!!!! You’ll be taking both their c0cks ANYTIME they say now!!!!!

    SL UT!!!!!!!

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