Door slammers should be shot

People who slam doors should be shot on site.

Low IQ, passive aggressive bastards probably need a good lay, or need to read more.

Stop taking your emotional issues out on doors. Idiots!

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  • Well that' s terrible. You need help sir! I hope you don't own any firearms. Do you?

  • Well, I see this upsets you. Maybe it's time to ask yourself how you can improve yourself so it no longer upsets you. My great great grandpappy once said that if YOU are the one upset, then it is YOU who has the problem.

  • *sight.

    Learn some proper grammar. Maybe read more.

  • Only door slammers? Not road ragers, arrogant fools who can't spell and have an attitude about it, parents of feral children, or other human pubes in the cheeseburger of life? ONLY door slammers?

    Get a grip. NOW.

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