My fantasy

I have been married many years now and looking back on my early years, I wish that my wife had been a little more open to some of my suggestions. But since she was not, I tried to use the voyeur in me to spy on her without her knowing. Her taking showers, I would take pics and some videos without her knowledge. That worked for awhile but she finally found the camera and although she did not get upset, she made sure she did not let it happen again. The problem is for all those pics and movies I took so many years ago, I deleted them and have no copies or computer files to look back on now. So if any of you young married men are lucky enough to take pics of your young wife, find a way to keep them even if she demands you erase them. When you get older, they will be a precious memory of the women you fell in love with and maybe just maybe able to show them to some of your old male friends.

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  • That’s how I found out my wife was f****** another guy. It took a while and at first it was disturbing to watch I finally got to see how nasty she really was in bed and listen to her deeply erotic moans.
    I can’t blame her cause he was exceptionally way bigger than me and lasted way longer than I had I finally excepted it. I just upped and left after a few times of watching her.
    I kept the tapes and eventually put them on XH

  • I take voyeur pics of my wife, I’d love to share with you..

  • Myself have taken voyeur videos of my wife coming out of bath and while massaging and while cuming on her back. Some of such videos are available on the web also.

  • I started this My fantasy. I would appreciate pics or videos of your wife. send to
    rxwatch70@yahoo. com
    Sure would make my day!!!!

  • I would love to see them. Please email me

  • Thanks for the offer

  • Well my wife has past her prime and I doubt you would get turned on by her now, but 20 years ago she was something else

  • I would love to have pics of some of my wife’s hot friends that’s for sure.
    Now all I can do is imagine what they look naked

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