Best Buds !

Glen and I have been best of buddies since we first met way back in kindergarten. But how did I know that he and I would end up so much more all these many years later. We both have been married once. And we both have children. But we were living a life that was untrue. We both were gay and it took us many years to realize it. Then by a chance meeting Glen and I ended up in bed. It was just wonderful. He made me feel so great. No pressure we just let each other do what was natural. I really love Glen. He loves me and know we are planning on spending the rest of our lives together. I know many people will scoff and say it's sick or not natural. But that's ok it's what we both want. I told my parents and they don't understand at all. They just want to know where they went wrong. I told them that I'm a good person and they raised me well. I don't steal or lie or cheat people. They say that I need help . HIs parents did worst. They won't talk to him anymore and his father told him he no longer has a son. Very sad. My parents will at least still talk to me and said they love me just think I'm wrong.

I feel so badly for Glen. I try to make him feel better. I even went to see his parents. His father opened the door, saw me, shouted out a bunch of expletives and slammed the door on me. Why can't they see what they are doing to their son and me. He still enjoys being with me but he is hurting and no matter how much oral s** I perform on him I'm afraid our world will implode on itself because they are a bunch of mean hurtful people. Stuck in their old ways. I love Glen and would do anything for him. But I hate seeing him torn apart by his parents.

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  • I want to be your best bud also. I bet you and I could have so much fun that you will totally forget all about what's his name. My p**** will make you so happy that you will want to ride on it all day and night. Forget Glen. My name is Jeremy and you will agree that I'm the best you've ever seen. I would love to show you what I can do. Take a chance you'll be my lover for life. The lover of my ding d*** you silly son of a gun. Yeah! You will want to show it to your mum and dad. That's how good I am. Let me know and I'll give you my info. Forget Glen he is a real loser.

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