I'm a pervert thats gets off on thinking of being a daddy/dom

I am in my 20s. I havent had a girlfriend since i was 15. Anyways. I have weird fetishes. I for some reason, always masturbait over dominating a young girl and having her call me daddy is hot as h***. Being forceful is a turn on too. I love girls between the ages of 11 and 14. I cant explain why, but since 16 i have desired one so badly, a good looking petite girl that does as shes told and takes all 8 inches of my thick c***. The thought of a young girl taking my big c*** down her throat turns me on so badly. Since 17, i have masturbaited over the thought of dating a 12/13yo. I will never rape or go against a girls will. I dream of having a relationship and then being able to do the above because she likes it but its illegal so i dont. Anyways, any advice or thoughts?



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  • Yawn. You incels whine so much, I can't even work up pity for you anymore.

  • You can find girls in that age range at the mall. Make friends with one who seems lonely...then go from there. You'd be surprised how easy it is. At the age you like their p****** are so smooth and soft and not yet turned out. It is a real blast. Don't pass up this chance in your life, as you get older, it gets more difficult. Girls of eleven have different things to offer than girls of fourteen. At fourteen they already have big t***. so each is enticing in a different way. It is more fun if they are inexperienced and you can teach them how to s*** c***.
    Don't neglect both the c*** and the a******. Both are delightful.

  • P**** is best smooth and not turned and I like the really chubby ones, they are ready to suck c*** long before 11 unless you mean months, my step sis learnt all about s** from me

  • Having fun with an 11 or 12 yo girl would be fun for both of you, as long as she's willing, and not forced or being hurt.

  • My girl 8 yr old daughter keep putting her hands on my d*** and when it get hard she rubbed it I let her one day I took her for a ride and pulled in a places where we couldn't bee seen so we got in the back seat pulled my d*** out and let her play with it suck it she's 13 now and she knows when I texted her I need my D*** sucked or I want some of that tight little princess p**** she tex back yes daddy my girlfriend never find out I love her daughter

  • Youngest for me was 8 her p**** was amazing

  • I to enjoy that age group in school st llanbradach south Wales UK where I live opposite the school

  • I used to change outfits after school and stand by the road and men would drive up and pay me to do stuff. I've seen several girls around the local highschool that look like they're doing the same. Of course you'd have to pay them and couldn't be rude, but some will let you do really kinky stuff for the right price.

  • 13/14 year old girls are beautiful but I wouldn't break the law

  • I was arrested for raping a 13 year old blond hair blue eyed sexy looking little girl.I was sent to prison for 10 years where the inmates forced me to dress and act like a s*** and raped me for what I did to that poor little girl.After being locked up for ten years ,,the things I was forced to do and the s*** that was done to me I have stopped thinking about little girls sexually .I used to get hard thinking about kidnapping a little girl and then f****** her,,Now I cant get hard at all thinking about little girls.But now I love dressing and acting feminine as h*** and I think about sucking mens c**** and getting my sissy c*** pounded hard

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