What should I do?

So recently i got dumped by my now ex boyfriend.
He was great at first and honestly i thought he was weird, but we ended up dating anyways because we had alot of common and just got along well. WELL look whos now an ex, because this dude had weird ** fetishes? Personally I dont wanna call it a fetish because its ** up honestly, some thing hes likes was IF i self harmed myself, or get jealous over girls he was talking to and to confront them and scream them off yk? And honestly i use to self harm before when my depression was really bad, but im totally better now and it just shocked me how bad he wanted me to do it. And screaming at other girls for talking to my ex? First of all YOU were talking to them first. Oh yeah he doxxes people too for fun, which is sad tbh but i found the girl and now im friends with her to make sure shes safe. BUT lemme tell ya, he was a really jealous person, he controlled my life so much and it hurt when he left because it was all for nothing, he controlled who i was friends with who i had to block what i had to do how to style my hair just everything and it was so annoying because did he really love me or the idea of me?? Probably idea. Anyways i wasnt that type of jealous person, so he had female friends and i trusted his ** because i loved him. FAST FORWARD he says he lost feelings and the well for me? what the heck does the well for me mean dude. And he got with his best friend not even a day later. He keeps texting me on like alt accounts and EVEN ROBLOX which is wild i dont even play it anymore, but he keeps begging to text him back?? what should i do because it still hurts and i know its bad to go back.

Jul 17

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  • What should you do? Die! As simple as that.

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