Mother n Law

I am infatuated with my mother in law. She is gorgeous caring and so sweet. She has a body out of this world. We are always joking around with each other and we can talk to each other on a personal level. My wife knows I am attracted to her mother but she hasn't said anything about it. I even told her I wanted to have s** with her mother. But anyways we were hanging out one night and I had the sudden urge to grab my mother in law ass. I did it and she turned and said imma punch you with a smile on her face while giving me a hug before she left. Fast fwd sometime and she was visiting for a little bit and I walked past her and at that moment she copped a feel. I was like ok lets play a game. So recently she was at my house and she was getting a dish out the dishwasher and she had on these loose but form fitting shorts on. I came behind her and grabbed her p**** and she said "you scared me." Not dont touch me but I scared her. We both had a laugh but I have not done anything more than that. I'm debating on whether or not to see where it leads.


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  • Not sure how many guys have s** with their MIL's, but my grandmother came from a small island off the cost of Thailand. She migrated to America as a child in the early 1900's. I remember her telling stories of how her grandparents lived during a time of arranged marriages. She said it was customary for the father of the groom to have s** with the bride before the wedding. This was to ensure the future bride was able to have s** and could therefore bare children. The couple was not allowed to have s** before they were married, so it was up to the groom's father to check the goods, so to speak. My great grandmother lost her virginity to my great grandfather's father. If the future bride refuses, the wedding was canceled and she would be labeled as not able to bare children, meaning no one would marry her and she would die an old maid. I can't even imagine having to of slept with my father inlaw before I married my husband.

  • I f***** my MIL at a wedding we attended. Her brother, my wife's uncle was getting married and he lives 12 hours drive from us. We drove down and spent the weekend. The night of the wedding everyone one was drunk including me. I was outside puking my guts out from too much booze when my MIL came out. She was drunk as f*** and couldn't stand up. I lifted her dress up, pulled her panties to the side and f***** her bent over a bench.

  • I only got with my wife to be with her mom

  • I thought I was the only one who played grab ass with their mother in law.
    We been doing that for years to each other. Everytime we pass eachother her or I will cop a cheap feel on the other one. I got her once when she was getting out of the pool. She bent over to pick up her towel and she didn't notice me come up behind her. I ran my hand between her legs and got the best feel of her p**** to date. She actually gasped on that one. Oh, but she has gotten me better. I was sitting on the deck wearing shorts and boxers. She was sitting in the chair across from me. I thought she was getting up and instead she ran her hand up my shorts and grabbed my d***. I gasped on that one. The wife knows about it, we do it in front of her all the time. Only thing she says is we better not f*** eachother or shell be p*****, grab ass is fine though.

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