Wife farts like crazy

Have you heard about women saying they don't pass gas. Some say oh no I'm to much a lady to do that. I say bull. They fart they just don't want you to know about it. Some sneak it out and then try and lay the blame else where. Not my wife though. She cuts farts just about anywhere we go. I mean loud nasty ones that would peel the paint off the walls. She has even let them go in church. Very embarrassing. In places like Walmart she lets them fly right and left. Not that Walmart is a high class joint cause it's not. I have been with her in the store and she lets a rather loud one go and I get all the dirty looks. Everyone thinks I did it. If I say anything like hey honey people will just think I'm trying to blame her. She has even let them go while I was about to perform oral on her. She says sorry but dam I just got a face full of fecal matter . That stuff splatter out from your r***** when you pass gas. Does anyone else's wife of gal fart like some lumberjack? I have gotten use to it but I am frequently embarrassed by her passing gas. She has even got both our daughters doing it. I tell them to stop but they just ignore me.

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  • I kind of admire a woman who's secure enough to admit that she has basic human bodily functions. It's actually kind of gratifying when a woman feels secure and safe and relaxed enough around me to fart. I feel like it's a vote of approval.

  • Well good for you. But it's embarrassing when your waiting in line at some restaurant or store and your woman lets one go. I don't find it gratifying at all. I have asked my wife to please at least keep it just at our house or use a facility where we are. But no she lets it go anywhere we happen to be. Very embarrassing.

  • I'd plug her ass up with my thick meat. Make her sleep that way. If you like I'll come over and show you how's it done. I wouldn't even lube my c*** first. Just spit on it and then go for it.

  • Get some of those sulfur drops they sell in novelty shops or magic store. Those things really stink and smell like rotten eggs. I would drop some of those when you go out and then say, oh honey why did you do that. Then move away from her and it will stay with her. Everyone will know it was her.

  • If she was my wife I would fix her. First I would eat lots of beans, chili and onions anything like that. Then I would wait to bedtime. I would cut the most horrible fart I could and pull the covers over her head. My farts are so stinky that when I do one my wife leaves the room and doesn't come back for an hour. Payback are h***. Give her a dose of her own medicine. You might as well just fart when in public. Since you have nothing to loose.

  • I think a woman who farts is very hot and sexy. Try sticking your c*** in her a******. Kind of like a plug.

  • Yeah use your c*** as a plug. That is so funny. I bet she could fart with your d*** in her butt. Make real sloppy sounding noises as the gas pushes past your pecker. Let us know how it works. Better yet record that s**** and put it on youtube, lol.

  • 😆😆😆😆

  • That ass has to be reeking all the time

  • Pee U !!!!!!!

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