Slowly but surely.

I am in a relationship of sorts with my brothers ex wife, They split two years ago and in the last few months her and I have been...Kanoodling. I am a female, 29 and she obviously is as well, 34. We met when my brother brought her home for Christmas, I remember thinking that she was striking, She is a true, Natural beauty, She never wears much makeup and aside from fake eyelashes she is just naturally beautiful.
I never once did or said anything inappropriate when they were together but she was the subject of many a fantasy and she was fully aware of my preferences, Even so she never shyed away from me or anything and we always got along well, Approximately 3 months ago we met in a local club and I innocently invited her back to my place after the bar, I truly had no intention of trying anything on her but as we sat and talked she made the first move. She told me she had 0 interest in being in a relationship but then kissed me, I took full control and led her to the bedroom as we continued to kiss, We got on the bed and I almost had her dress off when she pumped the brakes HARD.
She left and there was no contact for over a week, Then one evening she showed up at my door and I invited her in, She apologized for our previous encounter and said she felt bad and didn't want to leave it like that between us, Again we sat and talked and she poured out her heart to me. This time I took the lead and kissed her, Again we headed to the bedroom, This time I moved more slowly and it seemed to be working, I had her top off, Shorts around her knees and she kicked them off frantically. I undid her bra and she paused but then let me take it off, Her and my brother have 2 kids and I think her body is actually better now than before, She is definitely larger chested which lets be honest, That's never a bad thing.
I cupped one of her large, soft b****** and sucked her nipple into my mouth and she seemed to be getting into it but then stopped me and told me she couldn't, She again left me in a lurch and was gone. Two days later she was back, She walked in my door grabbed my hand and drug me to the bedroom, She pushed me back on the bed and before I could even say anything she dropped her dress and was standing in front of me naked, She looked at me and said "No going back now" and we spent then next 20 or so seconds getting me undressed and then we got under the covers. It was so close, So damned close, We kissed, We touched, She was all over the place touching and kissing and even sucked my nips and then..........Brakes!!!!
She started crying and apologizing but this time I didn't let her leave, I told her to stop and was almost forceful in keeping her in bed, I told her to talk to me and purposefully kept her in bed naked, She told me she wanted to but couldn't get there, She was obviously having a strong internal conflict but I told her I was happy to help her work through it and that i didn't mean by having s** with her, I told her I was happy to just be a shoulder to lean on or an ear to talk to and...Well...Of course I told her she was beautiful and that if she decided she wanted more I would be happy to.
That night we slept together, I slept big spoon and of course I copped a feel whenever the situation warranted it, That morning we had a short kissing session and then I invited her to shower with me, I made it very...Flirty and she got nervous but happily followed me into the shower, We stayed in there a long time just lathering each other and she was very...Well...I don't know what to call it but she really wanted to learn how to touch another woman and she kept shying away but I managed to pull her back in each time.
I tried to go down on her in the shower and was right there, On my knees between her legs, One hand on each thigh but I looked up at her and she put her hand under my chin and pulled me back up.
Obviously my mind was racing with a hundred ideas of what I wanted to do to her but I knew I didn't want to scare her off, After that we started hanging out more often, We would go out clubbing once a week or go for supper or just coffee, She stayed over a few times and each time it seemed like we did a bit more and a bit more, I am really just trying to...Guide her to what I know she really wants, We have started doing mutual masturbation with touching and a few times she has taken over my "Toy" and finished me. She now stays over pretty much any time she doesn't have the kids and we watch girl/girl stuff and she loves it, I bought a (Strap on) and plan to present that idea to her and see what she says.
maybe one day we will be what I hope we will but I know she is a LONG way from ever having anyone find out so that may not work for a while.

Jul 6, 2019

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  • Aw just f****** rape the b****!

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