The mistakes we make.

My friend and i got drunk last night and crashed at his parents place, After he passed out I was laying there still awake and thinking about a girl I met at the party we were at, I was jerking off laying there and then in my head I was thinking about her but then my friends younger sister popped into my head and once she was there I couldn't get her out.
She is nothing special, Like I wouldn't take her out or anything and I would never date her but at the time, Well...So anyway, She is 1 1/2 years younger than me and built weird, She is slim from the waist up and from the waist down she has wide hips, A big a$$, Like big, Thick legs and cellulite and then waist up she has a smaller waist, Small saggy t!ts and UGLY nips, Short curly hair and wears glasses which is a big strike against her for me but I kept thinking about her.
After a while I couldn't resist and thought maybe just a blowie or something so I got out of bed knowing my friend sleeps like a log all the time let alone after drinking and I went to his sisters door, It was open a bit so I went in and sat on the bed, She was sleeping on her stomach and I slid my hand under the blankets, Up her leg and grabbed her big a$$, i lightly smacked it then squeezed it and she moaned and rolled over, She looked at me and said "Oh s**t, Um, Hi".
I kissed her and it was on, I was going to just let her suck me off but that wasn't getting it done so I pushed her onto her back and puled off her shorts, she doesn't shave her pu$$y and has an ugly vag with big, wrinkly lips sticking out and she was all wet already, I started finger banging her and the problem is she actually smells really good down there so me being the drunk superstar I am I went down on her.
I was ears deep in her hairy vag and she was sloppy wet so I pulled my finger out of her and shoved it in her hairy little bu++ hole, she just tensed up and looked down at me then gritted her teeth and said "Do we have to?" and I never said anything and just started fingering her bu++, She got into it after a bit and then I stood up and pulled her shirt over her head which was when I seen her ugly t***, small and saggy with big, puffy nips, She looked down at them and then nervously bit her lip, I said "what, You don't like them" and she shook her head no so I grabbed her nipple and she whimpered like a dog, I said "Yeah, they're not great", She looked sad and grabbed her shirt but I took it away and tossed it across the room.
I leaned in and whispered in her ear "Don't cover up, I want to watch you're ugly little t!ts jiggle when I fu@k your big hairy a$$hole", She got scared and shook her head no but I pushed her back and lifted her legs, She gritted her teeth and sucked in a deep breath through them as I shoved a finger in her bu++, I rubbed some spit on it and she whimpered a bit but I wanted to f*** her first and she was already sloppy wet so I didn't even go slow, I found her hole with my tip and then just shoved the whole thing in, She gasped and arched her back and I said "Oh what, You're fine, You're not even tight" which was a lie, At least she has that going for her, She is actually real tight.
I pounded her and talked down to her about her ugly t!ts and her big, fat a$$ and then I asked her if any guys had ever wanted to fu@k her before, She shook her head no and I put her legs down, put mine on the outside of hers and pushed her thighs together, I looked down at her and she was on the verge of coming, I said "There that makes your big hairy pu$$y tight", I was leaning right over her in the CAT technique (Look it up) and she started to come, I grabbed her nips and pulled them hard and talked down to her as she came, When she was done I rolled her over and tossed her salad then got on top of her, she was squeezing her big bu++ and I told her to relax or it would hurt more and she would relax then tense up every time I shoved a bit more in her.
I got all the way in her big a$$ (Which is even tighter than her pu$$y) and started pumping her, She started making whimpering sounds and I reached around so I could rub her cl!t, Her c*** even sticks out, It's like the size of a pencil eraser, I pinched it and squeezed it and she was loving it, I started pinching one of her nips with the other hand and she said "please come" so I asked what was wrong and she said "It feels so good but it hurts so much", She started to cry a little and I slapped her pu$$y and told her "Don't cry, Don't you fu@king cry" and she wiped her eyes and whimpered "But it hurts", I reached down and slapped her pu$$y a few more times then pulled out and she gasped, I rolled her onto her back and told her to suck on her saggy t!ts and ripped my rubber off, I slapped my c*** against the side of her face while j***!ng it and came all over her face while telling her to keep sucking on her t!ts, She was gagging and trying to suck on her t!t and I was coming on her face.
When I finished I took my hand and wiped it across her face smearing come all over her and pressed a bunch into her mouth, She had her eyes closed and was mumbling with a mouth full of come, i said "Swallow and I'll let you go clean up", She swallowed and gagged hard, I thought she might puke but she powered through, I let her go shower and I went to bed. When I got up I was kind of embarrassed about how bad I treated her and was gonna sneak out but she caught me in the kitchen and was all over me, She cornered me and tried to get me to go up to her room, I told her "No, No, No, if your brother ever finds out he will kill us both", She said "I don't care, Come up stairs", I said "No" and she whispered in my ear "You can...Fu@k my big fat a$$ and come on my face".
I told her I couldn't because I had to go and she flat out begged me to come back later when her brother went to work, She had her t!ts out and had her hand down her pants and everything, DAMN, What do I do????????

Yeah right, I know what I am gonna do :)


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  • So...Part deux, I went back after my friend went to work and we had a marathon 5 hour f*** session, I told her I want to invite her to my place some time and gang bang her with some other buddies and she told me she will do anything I want her to.

  • Fake

  • Sounds like my wifes sister Kristi

  • What you do is continue to enjoy your fantasy life. Just quit sharing your fantasies and pretending they actually happened. Real confessions aren't a mile long like the bullshit above.

  • What to do? Stop being an abuser

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